Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Delightful Writer

My daugther...she's so wonderful. I just had to share what she's been up to. Her daddy and I have recently let her start a blog, by invitation only, to protect her from "creepy" people. She LOVES to blog! She loves to write anything really and if you've ever been the recipient of one of her letters or emails or Amish stories, you know what I mean. I have some pretty high standards for my children regarding their writing. I'm not talking about writing curriculum but I'm talking about this new way of communicating through emails, facebook, instant messages and the like. I think all these things are wonderful but I get so sad to see people using bad grammar and bad punctuation and spelling in these venues...especially children because it's hard to write correctly when you "need" to if all the time you've been writing it's been incorrect. So my standard for my children is that they use complete sentences and capital letters and basic grammar rules and punctuation when they write, even if it's a instant message. (I hold myself to the same standard as well.) This could by why some of Strawberry Taffy's writings get so long...I haven't had to set this standard in regards to texting because we just don't have the means to text...Here are some pictures of Strawberry blogging last night. (This is her, "trying not to smile" face.)
(This is her, "MOOOOOM" face.) Notice her good typing posture? That's per Daddy's request!

(Click, Click, Click....)

A little bonus picture, all smiles and all ready for bed!
Mrs. Taffy
P.S. I promise I'll post our homeschool schedule and how I keep Laffy Taffy out of trouble during school time--I want to wait until we've been at it a week so I can tweek and reorganize as needed!


  1. Farmer Girl has been begging for a blog.....perhaps I should let her to encourage her grammar progress. Do you check before posting? and how do you set up by invitation only? Hmmmmm. Things to think about........

  2. Hi Ellie! I don't check her blog before she posts...but I do read it and tell her about mistakes. I don't point out every little thing, but even just the process of writing complete thoughts and making her experiences enjoyable for other people to read is a good exercise. She's proud of her blog, so she wants it to be correct and respectable! :o) When you go into your dashboard, if you choose "settings" and then "permissions" you can choose who can read your blog. The choices are: Anybody, Only people I choose or Only Blog authors. When you select "only people I choose," you can "invite" people-you have to know their email address. Simple! And Safe!

  3. You have some serious blog competition out there now! I really enjoy visiting Strawberry's blog. She gave me some very helpful advice for setting up my own too - which is in progress.

    Great new photos on the right of your blog. I love seeing the new ones.

  4. I love this! What an absolutely fantastic idea! I'm going to borrow it for my daughter. It just seems that your Tirzah really is such a "pleasant" child - just like her namesake! What a joy and blessing she is!

    On a side note, I am very sorry for my big silence the last month or so. I have been overwhelmed with school and the baby and have barely been online. I am now trying to catch up somewhat. I am in awe of how you do it all!

  5. Oh Tirzah!! I HAVE missed you very much!! I totally understand though! Blue-Raspberry Taffy was my hardest adjustment...a 5 year gap there and I was out of the swing of things! The only reason that I can do so much now is because I have these 3 older children that help me SO much! I'm not kidding, I'm the planner, but they do so much for me! I work right along with them, but it's definately not a "one mom" show here!! I'm glad you are back! Everytime I see any comment from you or anything on FB, it just makes me so happy! God is with you Tirzah! You are a wonderful Godly wife and mother and the smile on your husband's face and on the faces of your children is proof of that fact! Hugs from MN!!


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