Friday, September 18, 2009

Painting fun!

I'm feeling pretty good because for the past two weeks I've planned, implemented and cleaned up a craft! Really, I know it doesn't sound like much, but this really takes a lot out of me! We did a little leaf study today, learning about the different parts of a leaf so I decided our craft should be around leaves. One neat thing we did was collect leaves from our own trees and paint them on the "bumpy" side. Then we would press the leaf onto the paper. Taking a marker, we would trace around the outside of the leaf. The images turned out so nice looking!
We even experimented with dipping acorns in paint to see what kind of pattern they would make. Blue-Raspberry and Bubble Gum were concentrating so hard during this project, I couldn't BELIEVE how quiet they were!

The other leaf project we did, and this one was actually first, was dipping cookie cutters into paint and stamping them onto the paper. Also with the stamping, we made acorns with thumb prints and a brown ink pad. They drew the acorn "hats" by hand.

Well, I had more pictures on here, but for whatever reason I keep deleting them...disobedient fingers!!
Our second week of school went good enough, it wasn't as beautifully smooth as last week. I had a few more "things" come up that somewhat stole from our school time. Funny how good things can take from other good things huh? All is well though and next week will be extra fun because we have a field trip planned. Besides the field trip, Chocolate Taffy and Mr. Taffy are doing a Bee Lesson at a local Montessori School, that will be a fun experience for all involved!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I know the arts and crafts aren't your favorite things to do, but the look on the kids' faces! priceless. They loved it and I'm proud of you!

    And I KNOW what you mean about disobedient fingers! First I don't know how to delete photos, now I keep deleting them accidentally!

  2. You little girl is so cute!! Love the art project!! :) I am like you about messes, so we don't do many art projects. Usually Moriah is in charge of leading those just as long as she cleans them up. :)

  3. I saw these photos on fb and really liked the idea and so, once again, plan to borrow it once it stops raining here! Taliah does SO well writing her name! Very neat.


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