Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crazy Pink!

So, my sweet wonderful, precious daughter thought it would be so fun to have PINK hair. I said, "why not!?" It's the right time of year to get pink hair spray anyway...Since she knew her cousins were coming over today, she thought today would be the "perfect" day to try it out!! I braided her hair back nice and tight, then she sat in the garage with a garbage bag around her shoulders and spray I did!! What do you think? Snort! It's funny...kinda pretty too. I think the real beauty will happen when she undoes her braids and her hair is stripey!

Here she is seeing herself for the first time!

And here's her cousin's and her Aunt when they saw her for the first time! Great reactions huh?

I'm constantly trying to balance between being the "standard holder" and the "freedom giver." I know pink hair is not really a big deal, though I suppose some would say it's just ridiculous and silly. But the point isn't the silliness of it, it's that this wonderful daughter of mine, who never causes me any trouble, wanted it. How could I say no? Her brothers think it's disgusting...but she's had so much fun today being unique and creative and pink! She'll never forget today and I'll never regret that I said "yes!"
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Love it! Today she is certainly Strawberry!

  2. How fun! The last photo is a classic! What fun expressions you captured!

  3. I saw these pictures when my girls were reading her blog. ha ha.

    How fun! Those pics of the cousins is priceless. They sure looked surprised. I love it!! What memories! You're a great mom.

  4. Oh those pictures bring back memories! When I was in high school, I wanted blue streaks in my hair. My parents said yes to temporary ones, and I did that quite a few times. I had blue glitter hair mascara too, which mostly just left glitter and washed out in the shower. I think they figured that if temporary hair coloring was the worst trouble I got into, they didn't need to be too worried and they were right!

  5. I love it your great for letting her! i've would so let my girls!


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