Monday, October 5, 2009

Fallin' in Love with Fall

Remember when I mentioned that Chocolate Taffy was digging around in the attic for me, putting away summer stuff and all that? Well, while he was up there, I also had him get down my "fall" bucket. In it I keep my "fallish" decorations. We don't do Halloween here on the Taffy Pull, but fall is my MOST FAVORITE time of the year! So I do like to decorate for it. With the help of Strawberry Taffy, here's what we did. This is my other plant shelf, it's way up there. I had to have Banana Taffy bring in a big ole ladder for me to reach up there!
This is view from the entry way. There's a Cornucopia up there...
Acorn pillows.
I actually love this leaf garland so much I might leave it up for the rest of the year! I bought it at a garage sale years ago! The leaves are wood. This whole set-up is "thrifty!" I bought the chair at Goodwill back in Washington and the chicken is from a local Goodwill. The children can't stop touching the ceramic egg!
My mom made this beautiful quilt for Laffy Taffy right before he was born. Officially Laffy's birthday is in the fall. The quilt is flannel. I love it! And the beautiful children modeling it!
The garden flag at the entrance of our herb garden.
A couple stray leaves...actually there is more that I could have taken pictures of, like my pumpkin quilt and table runner, my glass pumpkin jar full of coffee candy, my wood pumpkin that sits behind my sink and the pumpkin soap holder in the bathroom...but my camera had had enough, so this is all I took! My little people get so excited when I do things like this. I like doing it, I think it's really fun to rearrange and decorate, makes the same walls a little more interesting and new feeling. But when the children get all excited too, like something special is happening, like they are special, it makes it all the more fun and worthwhile!
Happy Fall Y'all!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh that was a nice little tour through your home! I forgot all about Laffy's quilt! I have a pumpkin quilt too, like yours - I better start digging out my stuff too. I don't understand people who think its too much trouble to decorate!

  2. Cute Acorn pillow and fall quilt. I don't have many fall decor up. I just haven't made the effort to "shop" for it. I am learning though Mrs. Taffy :). You inspire me!! I really want to hit those yard sales really bad.

    It has been so humid down here, it really doesn't feel like fall at all. I have to crank the AC down low to get the "cool" feel of Fall. I bought a cinnamon broom the other day so there is a nice smell when you walk inside. It feels like fall in the house but when we walk out. Gasp....the humidity gets to me. I then crank the AC down in the van. ha ha. :)

    We are still wearing shorts and tshirts. It is a treat when my kids get to where there long sleeves and jackets. ha ha. Yep, and neighbors are still swimming. ha ha ha .

    XXOO later,

    Chris in FL

  3. Everything looks very nice! It's wonderful the way you keep all the kids involved. These little traditions will get passed down for many generations.

    Love, Dad

  4. Your home is always so warm and inviting. You really know how to "celebrate" the seasons. What a rich heritage you are giving your children. Having grown up in a house with no traditions or celebrations really, it doesn't come naturally to me at all. I so enjoy other peoples, but don't know how to create my own. I'm getting to the point now though, that I want to be able to give that "gift" to my girls. So that they in turn can bless their own families someday. That would be a marvelous birthday, or Christmas present, don't you think?? Hint! Hint!! LOL


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