Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pizza Party

We are still reaping the Goodness that is Grandma Taffy. She'll be here until the 3rd of November. Her main reason for coming for this long-ish visit was to help care for Mr. Taffy's sister who had another throat surgery yesterday. Anyway...I had all the children yesterday and an extra, so Grandma Taffy told me to throw a Pizza Party!! WooHOO! Our local pizza place has customer appreciation once a month and this just happened to be the day! (That means the pizza's were only $3.99 each!) Not only did Grandma give me enough money for pizza, but also for Pop and PAPER PLATES!! What a blessing! Here's what 8 pizza's look like! Here's what a bunch of children eating them look like:

I think the boys ate 3 pizzas!
After pizza, I stuffed them even fuller with Pumpkin Bars and then sent them outside to burn off their energy! They ran around the house a hundred times playing Cops and Robbers! It was a sight to behold, they all came in pink-cheeked and panting!
Some good news...Mr. Taffy's sister is doing great! She didn't even have to sleep over at the hospital! It went much better, much faster and much simpler than we expected! We are SO THANKFUL!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Yum, Pizza!!

    Pizza is one of my favorite junk foods, especially take out pizza. I could probably eat it everyday. I enjoy it!!

    Sounds like all had a great time with Grandma Taffy. Awesome!!

    So good to hear the surgery went well. God is Good.

  2. WOW!!! That must have been fantastic!!!!


  3. Yummy yummy for my tummy! Love you mom!

  4. So I just have to share this little tidbit with you. I have loved Bubble Gum Taffy's name for years. It was a name I seriously considered with our oldest when I was first pregnant 8 years ago. Anyway, my brother and their wife just had their 4th (and unexpected (8 years later)) baby last week. They couldn't figure out a name for her and asked me what I liked. I told them and they have now named their daughter Bubble Gum Taffy Grace!


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