Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Impromtu Fun

Sunday morning I decided to take my little people to the Children's Museum. It turned out to be the perfect day to go since parking on the streets in St. Paul is free on Sundays. Also, it was great because it wasn't very crowded there and the people that were there were all families, so no large groups of unruly children to contend with. And the very best part was that my sister-in-law and nieces met us there to share in the fun.

We got there a little early, so here they are waiting patiently for the museum to open. The first room we went too was the room with the grocery store and the Korean Restaraunt. It was great, no one was there! They had so much fun, all the shelves were stocked, all the money in the cash registers, all the mailboxes full of mail.
My adorable Bubble Gum, she was so pleased to be able to wear those boots. She cracked up when I asked her where her real shoes went--duh! She was wearing them inside the boots! Smart Girl!
Me, getting ready to take a gigantic bite of whatever that is that Laffy Taffy made me! YUM!
I know I've posted this type of picture before... but look at his face...he is really concentrating to get that little stream of water into that blue bowl.
Here's all the cousins together-minus the two oldest-who were at home resting with Dad.
Okay, I just have to show you this, I thought it was so tacky. And forgive me if you are passionate about recycling and being green and whatever...(I love to recycle too, and as far as natural momma's go, on a scale of 1-10, I'm probably an 8.) Anyway, this particular room was dedicated to recyling. IT WAS SO DULL! There were just lots of displays like this. And a huge mountain of trash, to walk through...WEIRD!
The one and only nice thing about the room was there was a corner set up to play with "garbage." So here a few pictures of them creating with recycled things.

There was another room we went too after we ate our lunch. It was my favorite room, but I had left my camera in our locker. Next time I'll get pictures of that room. We were in there a long time enjoying all the nature type stations.
The rest of our Sunday was a challenge. One that we got through. Not unscathed, but still standing. Our family would really appreciate your prayers...we aren't through this trail of unemployment yet and we've been given another challenge to contend with that's not blog-worthy at this point. :o)
Standing Still,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. That picture of Laffy Taffy concentrating is so adorable! Looks like a fun place!!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! You are so good at getting out and doing fun stuff. The kids all look very happy.

  3. Looks like fun!! SOmetimes I wish we had some fun museums around our town. We do have one that is a natural museum of science and history of our state, and a butterfly museum. The butterfly one would cost us an arm and a leg though.


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