Friday, October 23, 2009

Thrifty Friday

I'm going to start a new series. Since I can't garage sale until spring, I find myself still longing to find a good deal, a treasure, something! A few times since garage sales have ended I've gone to thrift stores and found some wonderful things, but I haven't blogged about them. I'm going to start blogging about them now! I had a million boring errands to do today (I don't really enjoy shopping) but the one fun place we stopped was Goodwill. Banana Taffy was with me and I promised him I wouldn't look at the clothes...only other stuff. He was a good sport! Here's what I found:

This cookie tray is actually for my mom (hi MOM!), but since she lives far away, I'm going to use it until I see her again. :o) .99
Abeka Health. Cool! Strawberry will do this third and fourth quarter. Each book .99.

Each of these books were .99 also. The Calligraphy book is for Strawberry, the cursive book I'm saving for Blue-Raspberry and the Cul-de-sac Kids book is for Blue-Raspberry too, he's ALMOST ready for it!
I gave away my copy of Nourishing Traditions, but I found this brand new copy for $1.99! What a deal!
The last thing I have a picture of is this cute decoration I bought for the girl's room. Our last name begins with B, and this is just so Strawberry! You can't see it, but there is a hook that hangs down off of it too. $1.99
I also bought a couple movies to save for a rainy day. We don't have cable, don't rent movies anywhere, and don't go to movies, so it's fun to have a "new" movie to pull out from time to time. They were .99 each, I think I bought 3.
Tonight was haircut night...we watched the PBS Masterpiece Theater's version of the Wind in the Willows. It was enjoyable enough, Toad cracks me up, "Pooop Pooop!"
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Wow! I love the cookie tray! : ) Your trip to Goodwill was great! Love the Strawberry B too. Looks like someone's scrapbooking project! Makes me want to make a trip there tomorrow!


  2. Nice finds I have the same tastes in healthy cooking as you. I am new to your blog and my heart just felt for you when I saw your old blog and wondered how you could stand to give up your Little House on the Prarie dreams for your new life but we had to do the same thing too when we moved from our little farmhouse with our big family and there are always blessings in store wherever you go when you put your trust in the Lord. Keep blogging it is encouraging to meet people like your family online.

  3. Thank you Pioneer Pastimes...lovely things for you to say to me, very encouraging! True, we do miss our old place with all it's space and quiet, but the Lord is Faithful and I am so thankful! Looking forward to getting to know you more!

  4. This will be a good series!! :)

    Great finds like always!! Strawberry must really like her B frame. Really nice. :)

    I used to watch masterpiece theatre with my grandma when I was little. I still remember the Mini series...For the Love of Lydia.

    Isnt' that funny?


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