Friday, October 30, 2009

Thrifty Friday

Okay, so I went to a couple different thrift stores this week. Mainly because I was just a little bit bored, maybe bored istn't the right word, more like unsettled. I went to Goodwill on Thursday. I had to run up the library anyway, so I decided to stop in and see what I could find. It just happened to be Toddler Thursday, so anything child related was 50% off. What a deal!

Two shirts for Blue-Raspberry, the tie-dyed one is for later, but it's a Land's End and it's NICE! I think I got the sweatshirt for 1.99 and the top for .99.
A movie for .50, some dominos for Laffy, so he'll leave the real ones alone and a container to keep them in, total: $1.50.
This is an awesome find! I've been wanting to get one of these for Blue-Raspberry for years and I've seen them from time to time, but this time it was so cheap!! $1.50 He's been having SO MUCH fun rearranging the different pieces and racing the marbles through!

A bag of ball-pit balls for Laffy Taffy. The whole bag was .50!! He's been having a blast throwing them all over the house. The big boys have been chucking them at each other in a sort of battle...they don't hurt though, they weigh nothing!

Today I stopped at the Salvation Army. I haven't been there in ages! Their prices are better than Goodwill, but their store is VERY disorganized!! Here's a new outfit for Bubble Gum: Jeans, turtle neck and jacket-$4.00
A shirt for Strawberry-$1.49, a shirt for Bubble Gum-$1.49 and a flannel dress for Bubble Gum-$1.99.
We've had a week full of emotional up's and down's, normally I clean to feel "more in control" of things. And trust me, I did a LOT of cleaning this week! But it was fun to find a few good deals too!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. You are a shopping inspiration! Maybe I should branch out and look at clothes too. Do you ever buy thrift store clothes for yourself? And the toys! why buy new? Love you.


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