Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I homeschool...

Today I had the privilege of spending some time with a friend of mine discussing homeschooling. My friend has fluctuated somewhat as to whether or not she was going to homeschool. This week, she decided to plunge in! I’m so proud of her! So she called me because she needed some practical help and some encouragement too. She brought over her two children and her box of curriculum. It was so fun for me to see her books! She made such a wise choice with her purchase; I know she is going to LOVE it! After talking to her today, there are a couple of things that I feel very strongly about and thought they were worth repeating here:

1. I homeschool by Faith. Because I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. Well, maybe a little, but mostly I’m walking this journey by faith, trusting the Lord every single step of the way!

2. I homeschool with a Thankful Heart. Every time I get the occasion to talk about homeschooling I am just filled with JOY! I am so incredibly thankful for this freedom and for this challenge and for my supportive husband and friends, for quality curriculum choices, for my children and their ability to learn and adapt and grow!

3. I homeschool in Freedom. Meaning, I am not a slave to my curriculum, but the master and ruler over it. A wise woman, Ruth Beechick, taught me that in the first homeschool book I ever read. What a treasure to have that knowledge!

4. I homeschool by choice. I don’t have to homeschool. I WANT to homeschool. If I wanted too, I could quit. When we started out, our approach was to reevaluate year by year. I actually almost quit when Banana Taffy was beginning 6th grade. But God sent just the right person, with just the right encouragement, at just the right time, and I was able to continue. I haven’t had the same sort of discouragement since then, and that’s another thing I’m thankful for. J

5. I homeschool because God is for me. Meaning, I have often seen God wrap up and tie up loose ends for me and what I’m teaching my children. It’s easy to worry: Am I teaching them everything they need to know? Am I forgetting anything? What about this and what about that? There’s a lot to think about when you homeschool. But time and time again God has brought things into our life that pertains to what we are learning and ties everything together! It’s so wonderful when He does that because it shows how much He cares about this area of my life!

God is for you too, whether you homeschool or not. And I know we all live by faith. But I just get so stinkin’ excited when I talk about homeschool and the potential of it all! Nobody loves your children like you do! Enthusiasm is contagious! I’m happy to share those “germs!”

Mrs. Taffy


  1. I really, really enjoyed this post my friend! SO true! Everything you said is why I homeschool too. You put it in to words so well! Good job! Enthusiasm is completely contagious. You are right! And I'm so glad you shared what you did.

  2. Thanks for sharing those reasons for homeschooling. Everyday, I am thankful that I am able to stay home and teach the children (even on those days when I feel like sending them to school) I really enjoy homeschooling. There is so much more I would love to do but this time in my life with so many littles I have to do what is manageable for me. When I first began schooling 10 years ago, I was so laid back and sort of kind of wished I was like that again. ha ha ha.

    Yes, everyday I walk by faith and trust God to know that what I am doing is the right thing. No, I don't have it all figured out by far. There are times where I might think I'm doing the wrong things. This is when I have to come before the throne and ask Him to show me exactly what I have to do. EXACTLY. LOL

    Thanks for all your encouragement and wisdom.


  3. Christina (next door)October 28, 2009 at 5:26 PM

    Okay, I am coming to hug you now! I am so grateful for you! It seems to me that whenever I get really discouraged about homeschooling, you come to my rescue with your amazing wisdom and I wonder how you could have known... As I sit here in my purple puddles, I thank you so much for changing the course of my concentrations and I am once again grateful for God's unique spot for me! ;)

  4. Christina!! YAY GOD!! He does that because HE loves you SO much!!

  5. That was beautiful! And, I want everyone reading this to know that Mrs. Taffy encouraged her MOM to homeschool her little brother (18 years younger than Mrs. Taffy) and it turned out to be the perfect choice for our family. I just wish I had homeschooled my first two, but I had not even heard of homeschooling! I love to tell my friends that story. They are amazed and delighted!


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