Friday, October 2, 2009

TOT School

I'm getting my TOT School post done a little early this week. It's been another week of unexpected appointments and what-not, but God is Good and all is well in our household! Here's Laffy Taffy playing with our Wedgits. These are so wonderful! He really seemed drawn to the little tiny pink blocks. Probably because it was the first time I actually let him play with the tiny little things! I helped him a little, the wedgits going sideways was a little beyond him, but he could stack for sure!
Don't you LOVE Lauri Puzzles? I buy every one I can find (at garage sales of course!).

These little puzzles are also Lauri Puzzles...He played with these for a long time! Punch! Punch! Punch!

Of course Laffy Taffy loves to sit and scribble when the other children are doing their school work. And Laffy has reached a new verbal mile stone...He's started using three word sentences! One day it was two words, the next day it was three! We are amazed! For a boy under the age of 2 this is pretty significant! He says things like, "More ice milk please." "No Please." "Watch Barn-Barn?" "Where'd Ga-Ga (name of pacifier) go?" It's just great to be able to understand him at this young age! I can remember one of my boys being SO hard to understand when they were little. I think part of the reason that Laffy Taffy is so verbal is because of Bubble Gum Taffy! Wow! Talk about verbal! If you've met her real life, you KNOW what I mean!! :o)
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Those Wedgits look awesome - I'll have to look for some. WTG Laffy Taffy for the three word sentences! My daughter will do three word sentences, but only imitating/repeating after other people.

  2. I dont own any of those puzzles, but i wish i did!

  3. Your little dude is the exact same age as mine! 3 word sentences? Way to go! I had never heard of Lauri puzzles, but I will be on the lookout now. Thanks for the tip!

  4. It's so fun when they start making sentences. Mine has started that recently too. So cute!

    Her daddy isn't going to believe how much she's changed since he deployed.

  5. He IS talking well! Wow! =)
    I've never seen those puzzles. I'm going to have to check them out.

  6. I love those puzzles but don't have any yet for H3. I think I'm going to grab one for her for Christmas or something. That's wonderful Laffy is speaking so well! Bubble Gum is so sweet. I love her chatter. :o) I can't wait for H3 to be doing the same thing. Maybe when she starts talking a bit more, I'll put her on the phone with Bubble Gum to help her get going.

  7. We love our Wedgits too. But where did you find the pink ones? And our Lauri puzzles are timeless treasures! I agree....they're wonderful!
    Laffy Taffy communicates so well. Good job mom!


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