Friday, October 9, 2009

TOT School

Okay, in all honesty, we only did TOT School on Monday. The rest of my week was overcome with all manner of distraction and shall I say, minor heart-ache. I did school the rest of my children, but my little Laffy Taffy was left for more free play than anything else. Still, Monday was a doozy!

Here he is dropping whiffle balls into a bucket. I tried to get him to throw them in also, but he didn't really get that. :o)

We also did this awesome File-Folder Game. He had to match up the front and backs of the different farm animals. He did so well! At first every animal was a cow. But I only had to go through them once for him to remember what they were. He did really well matching them up, the hardest part was that the pieces kept moving on him. It was so fun to watch him "get" this game.

Hope you enjoy this! It sure gave me a good laugh! The distraction in the side ground is Blue-Raspberry digging through a bucket of toys and the activity was just more than Laffy could stand. He did actually fall out of his chair there at the end!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I wasn't able to watch the video--it just says it's unavailable. I'll try back later though. Sometimes it let me view vids other times not. I don't know why?

    I like that little folder idea. I have to make it. I know I say i gotta do this and I gotta do that...but I still haven't made the time. Ugh!! :)

    He's a cutie

  2. That was ADORABLE! We loved it!

  3. I like your new "Fall" design!! Minor heartache? That makes you and me both. I hope you're feeling better? I like your folder idea too. Good idea. Love to you my friend!

  4. How fun! I've been meaning to try out file folder games with my tot. I even printed out the pieces for one. But that's as far as I've gotten. LOL I want to buy a small laminator so I can laminate the pieces. yay, that's my excuse. LOL

    Love the wiffle ball drop!

  5. Oh how I wish I still had a little one to watch explore and discover this world!! You do such an amazing job with your little ones! There's a reason that they're so smart, and happy, and's YOU!! Eternal rewards....eternal rewards!!!

  6. I watched the video....HE is SO CUTE!! What a smart boy!!! Looked like he was ready to go off and do something else..LOL!!


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