Saturday, October 17, 2009

TOT School

Our TOT School started at the Children's Museum this week. Laffy Taffy had an amazing time! I let him be completely free, no stroller!! He was very obedient and gladly took my hand when we went from one room to another. Here he is playing with "garbage" this was his craft time for the week. His favorite thing was the glue stick, it was purple, so it was kind of like using a marker.Bubbles!
He played in the water with the ping pong balls for a LONG time!

Here he is in the grocery store. Since we arrived right when the museum opened, there were no children in here yet so we could do some sorting. Laffy would load up his grocery cart with food, then we would put it back, all the while he would name the item or I would tell him what is was. He was not familiar with onions or egg plants!

Back at home...he had fun with this stacking toy that I found at Goodwill. This is one of those toys that I really have to supervise, because the temptation is to start throwing the pieces across the room...not sure why, but that is ALWAYS what happens when he plays with this!
Puzzles! He did these all on his own without any help from me! (In case you are wondering...he's sitting at Bubble Gum's desk.)

It's been a great week, for both my little guy and my big "guys!" We have found our homeschool groove. It was pretty cold and rainy all week, but today (Saturday) has been glorious! Sunny and cool! Laffy spent 4 hours outside this morning, raking, swinging, digging, helping, and running. His new favorite thing to say is, "Mom, Mom, Mom (always in threes) watch!" Then he'll do a trick. Today he's been showing my how he can jump! We all clap and cheer, he's so pleased with himself. Another sweet thing, now if I say, "Laffy, I love you." He'll say, "You too Mom." I don't think any of my other children were telling me they loved me at this age! AWESOME!
Here's to a new week of TOT School!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Awww, what a heartwarming blog. What a sweet smart boy! Better start saving up for Harvard!

  2. We could spend all week in a children's museum. What fun!

  3. What a great week! I haven't taken my tot to our local children's museum yet. Big sis has been asking to go though, so I'll have to do it soon.

  4. What a fun week! Those water tables are always such a big hit!!


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