Saturday, October 24, 2009

TOT School

This weeks TOT School wasn't very, shall we say, intentional. I didn't really think I would have anything to post this weekend, honestly. But I think at this age, children are ALWAYS learning no matter how structured or intentional it is. That's part of the joy of this age! So here's what I found on my camera that could qualify as TOT School.

These are the books we read a few times. Laffy really likes the slide and learn book.
Here is Laffy Taffy learning how to eat Chocolate Cake. What could be more wonderful? I think he did a pretty good job getting his plate clean, don't you? He looks kinda tired-out though...that must have been hard work!

I found these cool linking guys at Goodwill, I have been looking for something like this. He can't actually get the guys to link together yet, but he had fun trying to put them together.

Does this count? Music lessons with Daddy! Okay, I say that really loosely, but Laffy totally had fun playing along with his dad! And he did get the "hold" down, so that's something! :o)

He did play with his Tubberware shape ball numerous time this week, he's actually getting really into that and is able to get a few shapes in there without any help from me. He continues to amaze us with his language comprehension and he's started singing. often! Actually he pretty much wakes up singing...and when he's watching the Wiggles and bustin' the moves, he sings right along! Though his singing voice is only a whisper, it's the sweetest thing I've ever heard!

Hope you've had a good week too!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Your post made my day. I feel like I was there! Cute new shot of Blue Raspberry too!

  2. Oh the picture with daddy is just precious!!!! Love it!

  3. The past two weeks for us feel like we haven't had much tot school stuff going on, but looking back, I can always find something! Those linking people are awesome! And of course you can count music lessons as tot school!!

  4. My son is a little musician as well. He loves to sing. I am very impressed that he got down the proper way to hold a guitar, that can be hard when you just want to press the cords to make noise!

  5. Those little linky people are really cool!! Goodwill is one of the coolest stores!

  6. Like always thanks for sharing what you are doing with Tot School. I still need to do it with the little boys.

  7. My son loves Fall Leaves Fall. Looks like you had a fun week. Lovin' the cake face picture.


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