Saturday, October 31, 2009

TOT School

We had a really good week of TOT School this week! Laffy Taffy was feeling good and full of energy and curiousity!

(While Laffy is playing with his learning toys, I am sitting across from him teaching either Bubble Gum or Blue-Raspberry. )

Laffy did really well with these little shape puzzles! The biggest challenge was keeping the pieces from getting knocked off the table.
Now he's sitting on the floor next to my chair, I gave him a baggie of counting bears and a scoop, he likes scooping and pouring the bears into the different baskets.
The shape ball, still a favorite!
One of the great things I found a Goodwill this week was a bag of ball-pit balls for .50. I put them all in a basket and Laffy likes chucking them all the over the house and then going and collecting them all. We did talk about the colors of the balls a few times too.
This is probably the highlight of our TOT School week. I didn't even get this with Laffy Taffy in mind, but he sure likes running the marbles through.

Blue-Raspberry keeps reconfiguring the run and Laffy keeps running the marbles through! It's great! And just so you know I'm a "good" momma, I've been watching and Laffy DOES NOT try to eat the least he hasn't thus far! :o)

Another aspect of TOT School this week: Laffy has gotten to know his Great Grandma and spend extra time with his 3 cousins. Spending time with family is the sweetest kind of learning, so many hugs and so much laughing!!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. He is so cute! i remember loving those little bears! Cool blog!

  2. I loved our marble run when I was little

  3. I've always wondered how my tot would do with marbles. What a fun toy!!

  4. How fun!! Looks, like he is really enjoying. You guys look like you have great fun at home :)


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