Sunday, October 4, 2009

Warm Hats!

Since it wasn't raining today, and it was nice and cool outside, and since there were no mosquitos (hahahaha-they froze!) I decided to take all the little people in my house outside to get some fresh air and do some good old-fashioned work! Of course, mixed in with the work was lots of play too! We cleaned up all the toys that were in the backyard, dumped out garbage cans full of rain water, disposed of millions of acorns, put summer stuff in the attic, cleaned the garage...speaking of attic: Chocolate Taffy is the Attic Master. He is strong and flexible and SKINNY! So he has the job of taking awkward shaped things in and out of the attic. One thing he had to find this morning was our "hat bucket." I think it was about 50 degrees when we were out there. I just love cute hats! Here's my little cuties in their warm hats:

Laffy Taffy, helping us with yard work! (garage sale-.50)
Here's the 4 of them...Chocolate Taffy had a hat on too, but it wasn't cute...he's beyond that I guess! :o) Banana Taffy was bare-foot and hat to be seen!
I don't really know what they were doing here, I just thought they looked cute sitting in a circle on the grass.
I was actually able to park my suburban in the garage after all our hard work! I cleaned out the garage fridge, vacuumed the shoe shelf, organized toys too. It was wonderful! I have three bags of bulbs to plant. But I had to stop working because it was time to make lunch, but even if that's all I accomplish today, I was still be pleased!
Mrs. Taffy
P.S. In case you were wondering but didn't want to ask...we went to worship last night! We didn't get home until 1:40 a.m.--so you know we were having a GOOD time!


  1. I bet you had an awesome night at worship. Wow!!

    Now you can come to my house and do the same. ha ha. :)

  2. We were passing the Frizbee around with a pretzel on it. I would sing a song and when I stopped whoever had the Frizbee got to eat the preztel. YUM!

  3. know I would actually REALLY enjoy that! I love to clean and organize things!! Hugs from MN!

  4. I love the hats! They're so cute! I wish H3 would keep hers on. One day....maybe....

  5. Those hats are simply adorable!! I have got to find some for the girls! What fun!!


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