Monday, November 16, 2009

Coats and Shoes

Here in MN we have all four seasons. And with each of those seasons comes various outerwear. It can be overwhelming with a big many coats, shoes, hats, etc. Here's how I keep these needful things under control.

This is a picture of our familyroo coat and shoe shelf. This area is pretty much the first place we unload when we come home from anywhere. We orginally bought these IKEA pieces thinking they would fit by our front door to use for guests, but they didn't, so they ended up in the family room instead. The plan was to have half of the coat rack for the grown-ups and half for the children. That was kind of working, but it was really overloaded and the big problem was that Blue-Raspberry and Bubble Gum couldn't reach to hang up their coats AND these things have been moved so many times that they are starting to fall apart--so we didn't want them climbling up there. As a result these little people would just leave their coats laying on the floor, and of course no one could hang them up but me...SO... I hung these hooks up today. These hooks used to hold hand towels in the bathroom of our last house. I put them at the different heights for the different little ones, one hook per little person. This is in our back hallway, right off the garage and I don't think Mr. Taffy is going to like it very much...but he pretty much let's me do what I want regarding the organization of our house. Actually, he probably will think it's a good idea, but he might think it feels a little crowded in the hallway.
The inside shoe shelf is for our nice shoes. But all the other shoes, boots included, stay in the garage. This cool shoe shelf used to be some sort of mail sorting shelf, maybe from an old hotel or something. It's a great shoe shelf! Even size 17 shoes fit in the slots relatively well! On top of the shoe shelf is a basket for the warm hats and gloves. Normally the rest of the top is empty, but that's Laffy's birthday present there and I have to start putting together blocks tonight! On the floor, you can't see it, is a place for all the boots.

On the same wall, but on the other side of the door, are all these hooks. This is where the dirty work jackets and smelly things go. My boys are hunting, so this area looks pretty empty, but this is where they would normally put their hunting jackets and hats.

We have a coat closet by our front door too, it's not very big and I refuse to load it up with coats on hangers--too tedious. My goal for the coat closet it to keep it fairly empty to hang up guest's coats in and to keep some of our "fancy" coats, since we don't wear those very often.
Mr. Taffy does not always like to hang up his coat or put his shoes on the shoe shelf. Since this is HIS house, instead of nagging him about it, I try to make it easy for him. Here in his office, which is where he normally unloads everything, I put a simple hook on the door, for his jacket, or belt. He likes to keep his shoes on the floor in there, and that's fine by me, because I'm rarely in there to see them or trip over them anyway! :o)

In my laundry room, I also have a closet, probably the biggest one in my whole house, that is where I store the out of season jackets. I find it works better for me to have them hanging up where I can see them because I often forget who has what coat and and who needs a new one.
My favorite thing to use in keeping my house organized is hooks. Each bed room has a row of hooks for all the weird things that need to be hung up: bathrobes, purses, backpacks, belts, hats, camera bags, Walmart bags with a return in them, etc. This really helps to keep closets uncluttered and floors cleared off!
Happy Homemaking!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I love that little quilt over the coats! Very Cute!!
    Love you!

  2. Thanks for sharing! You are amazing! I think I need to put hooks up in my craft room.

  3. Coats and shoes! They are neverending and seem to multiply through the week! I need a whole room for coats and shoes :)
    We made a smallish shoe rack to put in the garage, but the problem is that in the winter it's just too cold to put them out there! They'll freeze!

  4. I love your organizing skills that the Lord blessed you need to write your own book...I hear cheering and clapping coming from all of your followers...tee-hee!
    You are dear and loved...

  5. We have that same coat hanger and shoe shelf form Ikea!!!! Love it!


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