Friday, November 13, 2009

Fine Arts Requirement

Minnesota's homeschool laws including teaching "fine arts." I actually had to look that up to see what it meant...Anyway, in an effort to comply with the law we did a really fun thing last night. A college not to far from our house, gave a free children's concert featuring, among other things, Peter and the Wolf.

Here's the girls waiting for the concert to begin. Pre-concernt activities included making masks. Meet the Wolf and the Cat.
Even my big boys were there...even though I had to MAKE them come! They did end up enjoying the evening though, the music was upbeat and beautiful and we had great seats!
Here's a flash-less picture of the orchestra.
I've got some other things up my sleeve to fulfill our Fine Arts requirement, but this event, one that I didn't plan (remember what I said about God filling in the gaps that I miss-this is one of those times!) will be a fun memory and great addition to our homeschool portfolio!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Just recently found your blog and enjoying it. I love fine arts. We have a couple of fine arts classes that we attend, but our state doesn't require it.

  2. We're so glad that you were able to come with us! We had such a great time.


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