Friday, November 6, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping. I remember a day when I LOVED to grocery shop. When I was a teen it was so fun to shop for my step-mom, I was organized, efficient and felt so independent! Even as a single person and a young mom, I still liked the whole process of grocery shopping. It was fun to get out, show off my well-behaved children and and get the things I needed. Now that I'm older...choke, I hate it! I've completely changed my opinion of grocery shopping, shopping in general really. And it's not because of not having any money, even when we were making the big bucks, I didn't really like shopping. I liked shopping on-line and still do, nothing like getting a package during the day! Anyway, I thought I'd share my long and detailed process of getting ready to go shopping. The reason it's long and detailed is because I don't want to go back because I forgot something! Ahhhh!

I start planning my shopping list throughout the week before I go shopping, because generally I run out of stuff during the week. So I just have a little pad of paper on the counter that I can write down things as I run out. Like right now, my list says: Tuna, half & half and tortilla chips. Sometime during the week, usually Thursday I clean out all the leftovers in the fridge and sort through my entire pantry, filling up canisters of food from my bulk areas.
Canisters that sit on my counter...bean soup mix, bread flour, popcorn, steel-cut oats.
My cupboard that hold my baking supplies: I have three kinds of sugar there: white, raw and evaporated cane juice.

This is my normal kitchen pantry. On the big shelf there are containers holding oatmeal, rice, peanuts and farina. Here's a tip to make your pantry look pretty: take things out of bags and put them into canning jars. That's what I did with my raisans and craisans and other various nuts and things.
This is my big pantry where I store my bulk food. Most of these buckets are full of wheat or beans, there's a smaller one with salt in it. A couple of them are empty now because I'm starting to run out of things, but this works well for me. I got these buckets at a super-walmart in the bakery area for $1.00 each, with the lids.
After my fridge is cleaned out, including wiping off the shelves (because it's so much more fun to put food in a clean fridge) I start making my menu for the next week. All this organizing also helps me know what I have and often inspires me for the next week's meals. I use this form here when making my menu. I just start filling in the boxes with ideas that have come to mind. And as I'm doing that, I'm also jotting down what I need from the store to complete the meal. I don't really worry about coupons, because I mostly shop at Costco and Sam's Club.
I don't follow my menu as law, but I like knowing what I can make, what I have the ingredients for. Some items are fussier than others so sometimes it works better to prepare on a different day. One great thing about planning my menu like this that the chidlren get to see what's coming for the next meal, so they aren't constantly asking me!
I prefer to go shopping on Friday instead of Saturday because of the crowds. Another thing I do to make the shopping process FASTER is delegate my list out. I have my older children running all over the store getting things on my list. They are in training! One of these days I don't want to have to grocery shop anymore! Banana Taffy will be driving in less than two years....guess what he'll be doing for me!?
I love cooking for my family! I love preparing healthy and comforting foods for their growing bodies! I just don't appreciate the shopping part. Writing this post is not helping to motivate me to shop...I was hoping it was going too. :o) I think I'll count my penny's and spring for Hotdogs for lunch at Sam's Club, that might make it a little more fun!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Love your cabinets and pantry. Thanks for the tip with the mason jars. I realized with me...I don't think about doing stuff like this. I was telling my friend that when I have extra cash, I don't spend it on my house. It goes towards clothes, and groceries. I think this is where I get somewhat discouraged. I am not making my home "projects" as much as a priority.

    Thanks so much for sharing. It is so funny how we both wrote about organizing our cabinets. Love it!!

  2. You must have gotten those organizing genes from the other side of the family! Especially stuff like wiping down the fridge so you have a nice clean place to put the food! I think I'll try your method next week. I have been doing most of my housework on Friday mornings, I can add this to it. I do like to be organized, but having everything on hand for specific recipes is hard for me. Today P and I BOTH went to the same store at different times and bought similar items! Ouch. I don't really like grocery shopping either, I try to get done way too fast, and I forget things... Still, you are a ray of hope that I can change! Keep on cookin'

  3. WOW!! Love your pantry!! So nice and organized! And just to let you know, I really have been wiping the fridge down every week!! It makes me feel so good to look inside now!



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