Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Laffy Taffy Turns 2

Yesterday was Laffy Taffy's birthday. Oh, where does the time go?! My little baby boy...I'll never get tired of little boys! We didn't celebrate his birthday until today though, because Mr. Taffy and the big boys were off hunting. They came home last night, so we celebrated pretty much all day today! When Laffy got up this morning this is what he found. Chocolate built the castle, Strawberry and I put blocks together. He loved them! And has been playing with them all day!
Here's his little pile of presents. I found the Arc at Once Upon a Child, it's full of wooden animals--so cute!
Here's the cupcakes I made for the "other" children.
Here's Laffy Taffy's very own cake, it wasn't supposed to turn out peach colored, but he didn't mind! He actually blew out the candles himself!
We just let him open gifts throughout the day. This was after dinner, he's opening the adorable gift my mom sent:
Chicken beanbags!!
It's been a wonderful day! Besides celebrating the birth of our 6th child we also processed a buck. This was more disgusting than I care to blog about, but boy do I have respect for my husband and sons, what a nasty job! For their first kill ever they did great! After checking on them periodically I decided I would rather change a million poopy diapers than have to clean a deer! I did help with the freezing of the meat though, bagging up roasts and grinding up meat for tacos and chili. We have a ton of meat now and I am so thankful!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!

    YEAH for the buck! And I agree,, I also would rather change a million diapers than clean a deer~ GROSS!!!

  2. What a woman, just to have that done in your house! ugh! You know, I have heard that hunters actually salivate when site-ing their deer - that is how strong the connection with kill to eat is. Its a good thing. I'll send you all the recipes I have, and I have a few. I'm glad Laffy's birthday was so special. It looks like it was a ton of fun!!!

  3. Happy Birthday little one! Aren't those blocks the best?? And I just love those cute chicken beanbags. Did your mom make them? I know how crafty she is! I also think I would have to agree with you....I'll take a million poopy diapers any day! LOL Glad your freezer is FULL!

  4. Yay!! Happy Birthday Laffy Taffy!!!

    He is soooooo cute!! I bet he had a blast opening up his gifts and having a special day just for him.

    Oh, yeah, I saw your comment on FB about the deer....

    I just think this is such an awesome blessing to have all this meat. My SIL went hunting the other day and has about 40 lbs of meat in her freezer. Yeah, she hunts.... not my BIL. She goes off every hunting season with her dad and hunts turkey and deer. I think rabbit also. Hey, maybe I might go with her one day. NOT!! I would have such a hard time shooting Bambi's daddy. :(

    Happy birthday again to your little guy!!

  5. Hurrah, for you manly men who provided meat for their family...cudos to them! I have no doubt that you will fancy that dear meat up and make it scrumptous...
    The new updates of side-bar pictures are wonderful - everyone looks so happy and joyful! Hugs to you all...Mrs. Griffin


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