Monday, November 16, 2009

More engineering

He's still at it...only resurfacing to eat, use the bathroom or show me something "awesome" he made! He decided to use the dining room table today because the flat boards work so much better on a hard surface. And it's really fine, because while the men are away, we eat at the small table anyway.
He said this is a restaraunt.

Most of these legos we bought when Banana and Chocolate were a garage sale! We were so poor and it felt like such a splurge...but I'm so happy we bought them! They have paid for themselves time and time again!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What fun! I love his creations. It made me realize that some of W's sketching reminds me of lego creations...

  2. I agree. Legos are great. I am so glad we saved my 19 year old son's box of legos for my younger daughter. She goes through phases with building like crazy.

  3. Who thought school could be so fun :)


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