Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My beauties...

I decided to seize the moment and update our "wall of fame." In the past I've always taken the children to Penny's sometime around their birthday to update their picture. The last place we lived didn't have a Penny's with a photo studio and now we don't have the money for professional photos. So I took my old, but faithful, camera out into our front yard and took their pictures myself. I am so happy with how they turned out! I even uploaded the pictures to Costco and now have them in my possesion! I guess Costco wasn't busy! Here are my final choices. Tell me what you think!

On the side of my blog you'll see some of these and some of my second favorites. Now, lest you think I have the most amazing children in the world, I did give them an ultimatum before we started taking pictures. It went something like this: If you guys do exactly what I say, smile and don't stress me out, I'll make you a pan of brownies for a reward. BUT, if you cause me grief and stress me out then you'll all be cleaning the bathrooms repeatedly for the rest of the afternoon and you'll become my "all-around" slave for the rest of the day. Would you believe they were absolutely perfect? Well, they truly were! I think we were done in less than 20 minutes! I made them brownies and we were all very HAPPY! Total cost of the session: $17.0o for the pictures I ordered and a pan of homemade brownies; a price I can totally afford and one I'm happy to pay! Thanks guys!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. The pictures look awesome. The kids look so good!! Very good looking kids you have. And yeah that was a deal with the pictures, when you could have easily paid triple the amount on Penny's pictures. You did a great job.


  2. Those are so fantastic! If you add up all the money you have saved with taking your own professional photos, and birthday cakes and haircuts, (and much much more) you would be a millionaire!

  3. The pictures turned out awesome. Nice job!!

  4. Like the pictures Aunt. Josiah looks so seriouse. Jonathen is sooo adorible. Love
    Your niece

  5. Oh my word! BEAUTIFUL! You must be such a proud mama of such lovely looking children!


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