Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A new treasure for my "collection."

The other fun thing we did on Sunday (well, fun for Strawberry and I) was visit our favorite thrift store in St. Paul, we were already in the neighborhood! I found a few shirts for myself and some much needed shirts for Blue-Raspberry (he must be growing!). Here's the treasure I found though: See the folk art picture of a Salt Box house...ahh...my favorite kind of art! This beauty was only $2.91! I love it up there on top of the cabinets. I can get away with it way up there because of the vaults. Strawberry helped me get everything all situated up there. We did a little extra decorating to get ready for Thanksgiving. I was teaching her some basics of decorating as well. I'm not exactly sure the wording for the technique but see the red round pieces on either end...that brings balance to the arrangement and sort of closes it in. And the wall opposite this blue wall is red, so it adds some balance in that way as well. I don't really believe in the whole religion behind fung shui but I totally believe that balance and texture play a big role in making an area feel and look pretty. When I decorate I go by feeling as well as look. My favorite compliment is when someone says my house feels cozy. That's what I want, I want my home to feel like a hug to someone walking in.
Here's a close up of the picture.
Here's to making your home, homey!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh what a find! I love the picture!! Can I get a decorating lesson too??? LOL

  2. I love the look of your kitchen ... very warm and inviting and countryish. Very charming!

  3. I really love that picture! It pays to keep going back and seeing what's new doesn't it? But what I really love is that new picture of Banana Taffy in the gray sweater! What a handsome young man!!!

  4. Ok, so we went to the second hand store in SF yesterday and I was sure I'd find some great bargain,,,,nope :((( So disappointing!
    Love the pic!


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