Friday, November 13, 2009

Subject: Engineering

Confessions of a homeschool mom...I have not taught my 6 or 4 year old the past three days. Ok, not taught as in let's open a book and learn something. But there's a new kind of learning going on at my house. See this adorable 6 year old here? Besides being adorable and 6, he's also got a very short attention span. We do things in short bursts, and he learns A LOT in those short times. But the past few days he has spent literally ALL his time, except meals, building and building and building with legos. I'm not kidding, he's been in his room or at the dining room table all day! It was like he wasn't here! Mr. Taffy snapped these pictures yesterday before dinner.

I told Chocolate Taffy, who was saying Blue-Raspberry is building better things than he did at 6, playing with Legos touches a part of the brain that books can't touch!
I like this kind of learning! It's low stress with high yield!
Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Hmmm, that immediately reminded me of Mr. Taffy's focus patterns on a project at hand!

    Is there anything cooler than Legos? I don't think so!

  2. I just love it when a child's gifting manifests in such a tangible way like that! That's the best kind of learning. I agree completely!!


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