Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving "To Do" List

I woke up last night at 1:30 and needed to unload my brain. So I got up, ran the dishwasher (forgot to start it last night) made a cup of tea and started writing. Here's the list of extra stuff I want to accomplish this week. By the way, we have a week off of school...the children are so HAPPY! :o)

*Boil Chicken
*Package case of Chicken Breasts for freezer
*Clean out both fridges
*Give Mr. Taffy a tiny little to-do list. :o)
*Give Children Hair Cuts.
*Make sugar cookies
*Make a pile of books to list on Amazon and list them.
*Find Jotham's Journey-check start date
*Make Pumpkin Rolls and Pumpkin Bread
*Set Turkey on Counter (this is mainly a reminder to make sure it's thawed completely, it's been in the fridge for a few days)
*Choose Thanksgiving Wardrobe
*Take Blueberry Pie out of the freezer
*Make Thankful Cards and Place Cards and Centerpiece (with Strawberry's help)
*Cook Turkey in Roaster
*Put leaves in table
*Family Portrait
*Watch Parade (Like I would forget-right Mom?)
*Perm Strawberry's Hair
*Finish Planning Homeschool: Banana Taffy, Blue-Raspberry Taffy and Bubble Gum Taffy
*Order Christmas Pictures on-line from Costco
*Decorate for Christmas
*A Dog Named Christmas (CBS 7pm)

My list doesn't include my normal stuff, other than laundry. I don't know why I felt the need to write that down, full laundry baskets drive me crazy, so I'm always contending to keep them empty. It felt so good to get everything out of my head and onto paper where it seems so much more manageable. I might switch things around a little, depending on how each day goes. I like waking up with purpose. Even if it's not incredibly exciting!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? What's your favorite dish to make? One of the special things we do on Thanksgiving is eat cheese and crackers with summer sausage. I know that sounds weird, but I never have that kind of food around and the children just think it's so special! Mr. Taffy likes to write a Thanksgiving Prayer that he reads before we eat and then we stick it in the scrapbook to remind of us of the Lord's blessings and provisions that year.

Grace and Peace to you while you get ready for an important time of the year-A time of being Thankful on purpose and rejoicing in God's provision!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Ah, when you make lists like that I know you are truly my daughter! I hope you have printed it out and put it on the fridge so you can line through things as you accomplish them! (there is a chemical release in the brain when you do that that feels good!). I shall make my own list tonight, as I too have a million "to do's" buzzing around in my brain!

  2. He He He! I actually wrote it in three keep me on track! Yes, I've checked everything off my list for today except hair-cuts, which I'll do those after dinner! Lists are wonderful!! Love you!

  3. you have motivated me yet again, but it's the matter of when I pull myself from this computer am I going to do it?? LOL That is where my flaw is.

    So making the list sounds good. I do keep lots of those thoughts in mind and need to write them down. I do like doing this but don't very often. I know I need to!! The other day I was chatting with the Lord and He was giving me my to do list and yep, told me to write it down. Thanks Lord. So now He is using you to remind me yet again. LOL Thank you Lord.

    I was thinking of forgetting about school this week so I can get caught up with chores. Well guess what happened......? My good friend (who helps me organize on Fridays) calls me and we chat for a couple hours. yikes. SO today I basically got nothing done. NO chores or school!!

    I love making corn casserole for Thanksgiving and since we have family locally we drive down to my In laws and celebrate there. Yep, we don't hang around the house for Thanksgiving. Maybe one day I'll make my own Thanksgiving dinner.

    So have a blessed and happy, happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. I think everyday with children in our care is very exciting even when doing so called "mundane" things. Thanks for sharing your list! I've been there at 1:30 in the morning writing out the to-do's also. I sleep much more peacefully when I know the things are not going to be forgotten.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

  5. I enjoy all the sides at Thanksgiving. Especially green bean caserole, the squash and the yams (prefer them cooked with butter, not all the marshmellow and garbage). I could live off of the mashed potatoes and gravy though! My MIL is making the dinner this year. I have to bring a bag of potatoes.
    I pray you accomplish your list. The only thing on my list is to finish cleaning my childrens rooms so that when I go into labor people can find clothes, socks and underwear to put on them, AND most importantly to NOT go into labor until AFTER Thanksgiving (preferably even CHRISTmas but we shall see...). Happy day!


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