Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Unit

This new month has a brought a new subject and probably my favorite holiday with it: Thanksgiving! In honor of Thanksgiving we are doing a unit study on the subject! It's only Blue-Raspberry and Bubble Gum that are involved in this, but I have caught an older child (or two) listening in to the stories I've been reading. :o) Here's a pile of books that I got at the library. The book about Myles Standish is a pretty big book, so we'll be reading that over a week or so. Have you ever done a pocket book? I got these books from Amazon last year. We've finished one pocket already, I'm just showing the cover page here. Blue-Raspberry and Bubble Gum absolutely think that these pocket books are WONDERFUL! Some of the information and assignments are a little over Bubble Gum's head, but she has fun being included anyway.
I printed the little Thanksgiving books off of this website. We haven't made it all the way through the little books yet, but they are very fun! We've owned Squanto for years and we'll be listening to this throughout the month. The other little book is from the library too and I'll just use that when it's appropriate.

Thanksgiving is so wonderful because it encourages us to keep things in perspective. As I've mentioned before we are in financial ruin and disaster, but there are still so many things to be thankful for. Before bed every night I list off all the wonderful things the children have done throughout the day, trust me, it's not really that exciting, but it's all about perspective. I could feel sad because I didn't get to do thus and so and buy this and that, but I'm remembering to be thankful. Here's what I'll say when I tuck my little ones into bed tonight, "You got to see your Great Grandma today and take her to the airport, you got to see the huge airplanes fly right over our car, you got to go to the library and get all kinds of wonderful movies and books, you got to play on the computer with daddy, you had cinnamon rolls for breakfast! What a wonderful day you've had! You are so blessed and God takes such GOOD care of you!" A thankful heart is well pleasing to the Lord!

Count your blessings!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. I absolutely love Thanksgiving! I, too, posted a Thanksgiving related post this morning. I had never heard of The Adventurous Life of Myles Standish until a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for another book at my library on the Pilgrims to read with Rachel and that one popped up and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I learned so much and hopefully Rachel did too. It's packed with fascinating info. Btw, the link you posted didn't work for me if you just click on it but I saw the name of it and copied and pasted that and it worked just fine. Thanks for that link! I think that I'll enjoy using it. Do you use the Draw-Write-Now section on Thanksgiving?

  2. Tirzah...Tirzah...Tirzah...Have I told you how much I appreciate you? You are one of the People I thank God for often!! Yes, we use Draw-Write-Now, all my children have used them! Wonderful! Sorry I've missed your recent posts, Blogger isn't telling me about them! I have to figure that one out! Hugs from MN!!

  3. I really enjoy The Thanksgiving holiday. I can't believe it is just around the corner.

    In the midst of trials it is so important to be thankful about every little thing. It helps to not fall into discouragement. Thanks for sharing.

    You are so sweet!!

    XOXO from down South!!


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