Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A timely confirmation.

My blog. Why do I blog? I think I originally started to blog to communicate with my family. Some of my family read my blog, some don't. I've also discovered that it's possible to make friends on-line, so now I blog so people can get to know me. Today I've been thinking about another reason I blog, could be the most important reason of all really. At the end of the day, I want my blog to be an encoragement to women who are trying to live their lives according to the biblical ideal. Meaning: stay-at-home-mom's. Homeschooling or not. Ever since I can remember I've always had it in my heart and in my mind to be a stay-at-home mom, even raised in a non-believing home. As a teen, living in a believing home, I told the Lord my requirements for a husband were: Loves/Obeys God, He must be someone I can actually and truly talk to and who will talk to me and he must let me stay home with our children. Short and sweet! I'm not picky, just know what I need. :o) Well, let me just tell you I got exactly what I asked for. In fact, my husband spends so much time talking to me it sometimes frustrates our children...I'm not a real big talker, but I love being talked too! I'm not sure my husband really believed as strongly as I do about me needing to raise our babies myself, but he never ever made me feel like I should be out working or gave me grief for being home. Since we've been doing this in depth Bible study using Balancing the Sword, he's come to be my biggest supporter at being home! It's just wonderful because God's word has it covered!!

So now we are reading both Ezra and 1 Timothy at the same time. Ezra is more history, but 1 Timothy is wonderful for confirmation that being home, raising your children and running your household is a good thing to be doing. The whole letter is loaded with instruction for women, but the icing for me is when Paul is talking about the widows. Chapter 5:14. Paul is talking about the younger widow and how he desires that she get remarried to: "bear children, manage the house, give no opportunity to the adversary to speak reproachfully." This is a wonderful confirmation because it shows God's heart towards women and what He loves for them to be doing! This verse is written about widows but it's for all women, whether a first marriage or a second marriage! For whatever reason, this really brought me comfort this morning. Not because I'm a widow, but because this is the life I am living and the life Paul is encouraging the young widows at Timothy's church to live! GOD IS FOR YOU!

This same letter talks about some other issues that some times people think aren't relevant to this day and age, but I think if Paul wrote it them, under their current persecutions, oppressive Roman government, etc, it still applies to us today! Books like this bring me such joy because I love clear guidelines. I don't like to play "mind-games" and I don't like to assume. I like to KNOW what is expected and what is right and what is godly! There's freedom in the fences, so to speak!

So, if you've been feeling a little shaky on the ground you've been standing on and like what you're doing day in and day out isn't important, let this post just confirm to you also that God is for you and what you are doing is God's will for you, at this time, in this season!

Joyfully (with a cyber-hug),

Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a timely word and confirmation! How very true indeed! I was just this evening having a little pity party for myself after a mundane day of hard work and frustration and feeling very under-appreciated and sorry for myself. Thanks for the encouragement, my friend!

  2. Thanks always for your encouraging words of wisdom. It is comforting to know this.

    Also, I would have thought you love to talk....with all the writing you do, just figured it was your "talkative" nature coming through the blog. :)



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