Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To-Do list update!

I'm doing pretty good on my Thanksgiving To-Do list! Yesterday I got everything checked off! I even have all of today's tasks checked off, except the scrapbooking, but I will likely do that when little people are in bed or after dinner.

Here the girl's and I are making the sugar cookies together. It was a lot of fun and Bubble Gum did really well with the cutting out. Strawberry's face is a little intense here...there was a little competition going on that I had to correct. "This isn't a race ladies...prefer each other, it's lovely."

Our pile of dirty cookie cutters. When we were first married, one Christmas my husband gave me about 30 cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes! My mom loves to buy me cookie cutter too, so I have a huge collection! This is JUST our Christmas Cookie Cutters.
Most of the finished product. There was another pan cooling when I took this picture. Strawberry counted 155 cookies! See my big jar of cookie cutters...
I even managed to organize and clean out my spice cupboard while we were making cookies. And, yes Mom, I will be writing that on my list and checking it off! :o)

The children are begging God for snow. It's just been so warm here...strange weather for sure! But I think I heard something about snow showers for Thanksgiving, that will add to the festive mood.
On a personal note, please continue to pray for us. My husband still hasn't been able to get a job yet. To say we are discouraged is an understatement.
Still thanking God for all His blessing even during difficult times,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Actually I was intense because Taliah pulled a cookie cuter out and the cookie half stuck! But we did have a little trouble... mom fixed it though!

  2. I love to see all your cookie cutters! I'll photograph mine too and blog it! Although, I mostly collect, and rarely bake the cookies! I do have a really cute new snowflake though that I bought in Pt. Townsend ... Maybe I'll make some in hopes you get a little snow. I see that Michigan is expecting a little over Thanksgiving weekend - same storm I'll bet! Aren't you glad you have your children to keep your spirits up in tough times? You and your brother kept me going during holidays too when times were tough and they were always fun. XXOO

  3. Christmas cookies!!! I love those.

    You want to hear something funny. When the girls and I go on your blog or on Strawberry's we make the picture really big to fit our computer screen and I say look it feels like were right there making cookies with them. :) LOL

    Thanks for sharing your special moments. It does put me into the mood. I don't know for some reason this year feels like it has gone by so fast and I can't believe the holidays are here already. I feel like I just packed up the Christmas Tree.

    And yes, rejoice in the Lord for providing for you during this time of your hubby needing a job!! \0/

    We are in this right now. As of next month my husband will be starting his own business and on his own. He gave his boss a resignation letter the other day. In the midst of this we are standing in faith and joy and know this is the right thing to do. So in a way we are in the same boat, with Jesus right there with us :)

    Bless you Mrs Taffy!! and will make the pictures big to feel like we are right there with ya!! ;)

  4. Hi Chris!! You are so sweet! I can't wait until the Lord works it out for us to meet in person! I know we would LOVE to had you and your daughters making cookies with us!

    Congratulations on the new business endevour! May God bless it mightily! I've been thinking about how we have to contend for faith, it doesn't come easy all the time, sometimes we have to fight for it! God give us the strength to keep fighting!

    Have a wonderful Blessed day tomorrow! Give your girls a hug from Mrs. Taffy and Strawberry! :o)

  5. ohhhhhh...cookies what a marvelous idea! I think we might need to bake some up! Would be better to bake some up with the Blanchard girls...

    Keeping you in our prayers...and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


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