Sunday, November 15, 2009

TOT School-Laffy Taffy 23 Months

We started out our week at the Children's Museum again. The older half of my family was out hunting, so the rest of us had a little fun too!

Laffy Taffy driving the bus! A major highlight for him! He loves to "dwive!"

My little Wiggle! Honestly, this is a terrible picture but we were in this room a long time! Laffy Taffy could not get enough of dancing around on stage watching himself on the TV.

Here he is with a guitar, this is the blue screen for the TV screen. Noticing a theme with the guitar...?

Sorting and lining up the smooth rocks.

This week I took photos of the children to update my wall. Do you know how hard it is to get this child to LOOK at the camera? He would hold still, but he wouldn't look at me! I did get one perfect shot which you can see on the side bar there. This really was a fun time and he did SO good. I think his favorite part though, was playing outside while I took the other pictures!

Tasting a rock...yum... Here he playing with Junior Zoobs. Very fun! He built a "guy" and a "mine."

Laffy Taffy is turning two on Tuesday (17), wait until you see what we got him! It will be a perfect addition to our TOT School!

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Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a fun week! Yes, it's nearly impossible to get kids this age to look at a camera for any period of time. Seriously. I keep seeing the
    Zoobs come up in Tot School activities - they look really neat. I'll have to add them to my daughter's birthday wish list!

  2. He is just adorable!!! Happy Birthday, early. I can't wait to see what he got.

    I've got several great tot school items here for Christmas and I want to use them now. LOL Waiting is hard.

  3. Looks like youve got a great children s museum. Happy bday Laffy Taffy!

  4. So darling! Wish I could give him a huge hug! Give him one for me...a huge hug from Mrs. Griffin...


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