Saturday, November 21, 2009

TOT School

We've had a GREAT TOT School week! Lots of fun things to do and experience! These aren't in order and that fact that he wore the same shirt twice this week, just confused me even more, but they are all from this week, I KNOW that for sure!

Here's Laffy playing with his little Leap Pad toy. He prefers the music setting. He just pushes the letters, gets a new song and dances and bounces!
Throwing around chicken beanbags that my mom gave him for his birthday!
BLOCKS! We bought ours at a local store, they were fairly inexpensive and they were his "big" gift for his birthday. He's been having so much fun with these all week!
I don't know what these are called, but I found them at Goodwill for .50. It's made by Fisher-Price and it's so fun! The little people stack and balance on that organce thing and each other.
Starting to figure out how it works. My 4 year old really enjoyed this game too, she could get those things stacked in all sorts of configurations and get VERY high!He pulled out his shape sorter again.
I was sitting at my scrapbook table when he brought it over to me to open, that's why there are stamps on the floor. (I am a really messy scrapbooker!)
We even got in an impromtu field trip to a park on the Mississippi River. It had a nice big park and it was completely empty, except for this abandoned bike that Laffy Taffy was happy to try out.
I would have to say that this was probably the highlight of the week for Laffy Taffy. We played with play-doh on Thursday. This child sat playing with play-doh for an hour and a half!! I couldn't believe it! He didn't even make that big of a mess! He just loved cutting and pressing and squishing and rolling the orange play dough. Even Daddy played with him for a little while.
Blue-Raspberry and Bubble Gum were playing as well, but they got tired of it before this newly turned 2 year old! It took me almost 20 minutes to get the area cleaned up, but it was well worth it!
I'm not sure how much TOT School we'll do next week with Thanksgiving and all, but I'm sure there will be something picture worthy! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your Tot!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh goodness he just gets cuter and CUTER!!!!!!

    ;) Carisa

  2. What a fun blog and fabulous family! Looks like he had a great week!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! The pictures of the blocks and play doh make me want to join right in. :)

  4. Oh, your little guy is adorable! That balancing toy looks intriguing--I think all my kids would be into something like that. The blocks look like lots of fun, too. Is it hard to keep them from being knocked over? My tot is always very absorbed by Play-Doh, too--I love how engaging such a simple toy can be. Thanks for the great post!


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