Sunday, November 29, 2009

TOT School

We've had a pretty laid back week here. It's been busy and full, but there wasn't any organized TOT School going on. Still...look what I found Laffy Taffy busy doing one morning. He was taking the little cherry's and sticking them in the little holes, stem side first. This took very fine motor skills and I was amazed at how meticulous he was being. He didn't get frustrated and he played with this several times throughout Thanksgiving week.

Pick-up sticks with Bubble Gum. I think there was some conducting going on as well.
One of the fun things we did on Thanksgiving was frost sugar cookies. You better believe Laffy LOVED this activity!
That's about it for our meager TOT school this week. I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed and full of unforgettable moments!
Mrs. Taffy
P.S. Click on the TOT School picture above to see more adorable Tots and what they did all week!

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  1. Hi Ho Cherry O was my favorite game when I was little. I can not wait to play it with Sophie.


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