Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue-Raspberry Turns 7!!!

I haven't been on here in a little while, there are a couple of reasons, but the main one being that Mr. Taffy wiped my hard-drive and you know, did whatever it's called to my laptop. Grrr...computers can be so frustrating and I was having A LOT of trouble with things locking up and stalling. It's all running smoothly now and I'm back! Thank you darling for getting my machine back on track! Another reason I've been away is something that happens to me every Christmas. I need to come up with a name for it. It's kind of like freaking out, but not exactly. I'm a self-proclaimed clutter-a-phobic. Once things get too cluttered and out of control, I do too! So, I had to take a couple days to get things back in control. That means there are three bags of stuff in my trunk to take to Goodwill and 5 boxes of books in the basement to sell at the next used-curriculum sale; my children should be thanking the Lord that they still have anything left in their rooms, because when I get this way I'm ready to get rid of EVERYTHING!! Phew! And to add to that, my sweet Blue-Raspberry turned 7 today! So I had to stop "freaking out" and put a little energy into giving him a special day! Like his cupcake tree? I got the cake mix, frosting and M & M's the day after Christmas for 50% off!
Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Super Son, Happy Birthday too you!
OH yeah baby!
Look at him eyeing those if he "needs" another present! :o)
I saved some Playmobile from like, 6 months ago. He loved that. I also gave him a pair of pajamas ( I made the bottoms) and a $5.00 Starbucks gift card for steamers...what can I say, he was born in Washington after all. (By the way...a little confession here...just because I know others do the same thing and would NEVER admit it, I paid for his gift card with his own money that he got for Christmas. Yup it's true and that's what it's come too! :o) )
He got this wonderful box of legos from his Grandma Judy and Grandpa Phil. She also gave him a bag of punching balloons. There were 8 in there, so WE ALL had a great time!
Last time we played with Punching Balloons we got kicked out of a hotel! LOL! Not this time! Punch on People!
See all those bare feet? That's because our woodstove keeps our house at 80 degrees, even when it's 12 outside!
I'm doing okay with my Christmas Vacation to-do list, but I feel like I need at least another week to get it all done! My top goal is to get the children's January homeschool planned (1 down-4 to go) and hopefully, possibly, please Lord give me the courage, potty-train Laffy Taffy! I know I can do it and I know he can do it, I just don't know if I have the time I need to do it correctly. I'll blog about it, don't worry! lol!
Joyfully recovering from clutter-a-phobia,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. your new blog design is super cute!! And Blue-Raspberry's birthday pics are the BEST! I love his facial expressions. He's one happy camper!!

    Your clutter-phobia has rubbed off on me some over the years to my GREAT delight....but I still need more! LOL Keep up the good work!

  2. I haven't been on your blog in days. Been really busy with Christmas over here and like you trying to get my home under control. I am inspired by you like always. Some of that energy needs to rub on me. LOL

    Lots to do. Since my dh been home now starting his new business it's been like vacation over here. Is this how you felt when your husband was first home? Seriously, I don't want to do much other than hang with him and talk, talk, talk, LOL

    We need one of those wood burning stoves to heat our home. Even though it isn't 12 outside....brrr that's COLD.

    And Happy Birthday Blue-Raspberry! He is so cute! Love his eyes.

    Ok gotta run....have a great NEw YEar.

  3. Chris! Yup! That's exactly how I felt and often the demise to my well laid out plans...talking to my wonderful husband. Oh well, it's so good and nice to be able to talk to them throughout the day, isn't it!? I'm glad you are enjoying him! I'm praying his new business is very successful!

    Happy New Year Friend!


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