Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tea

Back in November Strawberry was asking me about having a tea party, so I suggested she plan a Christmas Tea Party. She did the inviting, the menu, the game planning, the cleaning, list making and cleaning up afterward, all of it. Obviously I was there to help, but this was HER event and I wanted her to have the experience of planning such an event from start to finish.

Here she is getting the cookies ready.
Here's her cookie tray. She bought the chocolates with her own money.
Rice Crispy Gingerbread Men.
They also had chocolate/mint parfaits and 2 kinds of tea: Peppermint and Apple Cinnamon. Here's the centerpiece we came up with. Strawberry picked the greens and the basket and I added the extras.
Here's how the table looked. Not too bad for using our outside picnic table cloth. She made the crackers out of toilet paper tubes and inside she put: a recipe, a jingle bell, a friendship bracelet she made, a candy cane and one little girl had an extra do-dad that gave her a bonus prize which was a pair of knitting needles from Strawberry's personal collection. :o) We bought the tea cups at Goodwill for .50 each, the girls got to take them home as a souvenir.
The party started with a craft, supplied by my mom. They each made 2 glitter bird cards, they turned out just lovely and the glitter that ended up on the girl's faces was a nice Christmassey touch!
Let the eating begin. Most of the time they practiced very good tea-proper manners. But not always! lol
The dolls were invited too, dressed in their finest!
Each girl brought one home-made gift to exchange. There was hand-dipped candles, a paper doll, cookie mix in a jar and pillow set (one for the girl and one for her doll). It was lovely!
The time went by so quickly. The girls all had a lovely time and I'm sure Strawberry is already dreaming about her next tea party. I had fun too, as one of the young girl's mom is an old friend of mine, I've known her since before I married Mr. Taffy and we've recently become reacquainted--I'm just so blessed to know her and getting to spend those two hours visiting with her was just like a party to ME!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. What fun! I feel like I was there. I am very proud of Tirzah for her planning, preparing, being hostess. Beautiful!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! That is wonderful that Tirzah did everything like that. She seems to have such a beautiful spirit and I can easily see how proud of her you must be.

  3. Ok, now this the girls would have LOVED to be a part of! Tsavah says she has dreams of Strawberry playing with her. Isn't that sweet. She is always talking about how "Strawberry (but she she uses her real name .LOL) is so pretty!)

    I bet the girls had so much. Strawberry did such a great job putting it all together. I am so impressed. Tell her good job from Moriah and Tsavah's mom.

    I've enjoyed catching up. Hopefully I won't stay away for long. Till later.

    Love ya,

  4. The girls had such a wonderful time!! All that planning and organizing paid off. She was a beautiful hostess. Thank you for having us!!

  5. That looked like so much fun! She did a wonderful job!


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