Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Christmas Tree Saga and other Christmas ramblings.

This was our sunset last night. I just had to share it because it was so glorious! I actually noticed it from the back of our house, the sunsets in the front, but the whole sky looked like this, not just the front!
We've recently inherited a few new Christmas Nativity sets. When my mother-in-law was alive, my husband and I would buy her a new nativity every year. Usually after Christmas and save it until the following year. Yesterday my sister-in-law brought over one of Grandma's Nativity's for each of the grandchildren. I let them pick their favorite and then labeled the boxes so I remember who picked what. When they get married, the nativity will go with them! Until then, I've set them up on my cabinets. My mom made the two nativity quilts, she gave them both to my Mother-in-law (so happy to be the keeper of the quilts!) and the the angel quilt I made years ago, with the help of MY mother! :o)
Here's how I decorated the other cabinets. The angels up there are probably my MOST FAVORITE Christmas decoration. They were my moms. I believe the story is that she picked these out from a home party, like pampered chef or something, before she married my dad. Kind of like Christmas decorations for her hope chest! Is that right Mom? Anyway, I love them and I love the story behind them.
Now our Christmas Tree Saga begins. Let me just start off by saying that when you have been unemployed for a full year a Christmas Tree isn't a real high priority on the list. But when you have certain children who are determined to make it happen, anything is possible.
The other day I noticed a sign at a local hardware store (I know, not very romantic) for Christmas Trees, any size or kind for $24.97. So Strawberry Taffy got inspired and organized a change hunt: looking in the cars, under couch cushions, piggy banks and any where she thought there might be change. She came up with a little over $22.00! Then we got the idea of returning something at Lowe's and exchanging it for a Christmas Tree, just in case the other place didn't have nice trees. So last night we went on different kind of adventure, looking for a Christmas Tree in Suburbia! Much different from last year!
So we started out at Lowe's, where we were totally cracking up and a little embarrassed about this immodest Santa. Come on! I don't think it would ruin the look to put some pants on the man!
See this big tree here? $64.99! What? It was pretty, but not that pretty!
All bundled up for the cold!
We didn't have good success at Lowe's so we went to Menard's. Which is my least favorite hardware type store, but it was still fun. It was cold and dark and deserted, the wild children, (who's children are those anyway) played red light/green light while the parent's tried to figure out the confusing prices!

Banana Taffy hiding out in the ugly trees.
We tried to make a deal with the guy working there...he didn't have any authority to wheel and deal though, so we left Menard's and went to the no-name hardware store with the cheap trees.
And this is what we came home with! This gigantic beauty really was $24.97, paid for mostly with penny's. It was a bit of a risk buying it, because it was still wrapped up and even though we unwrapped it at the store, it was really uptight and we couldn't tell how it would relax. But this is how it looked when we got up this morning, I think it's just perfect! This may be the first tree we are able to get ALL of our ornaments on! We'll be decorating later today!
Happy Christmas Prep-Time!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Love the sunset~

    Love the nativity set, very fun~!

    Love the scrapping pennies for a tree, God has blessed you! Can't wait to see after pics!

    Seriously no job yet? We've been praying
    but were sure something would come about by now....we'll keep praying!

    God bless!

  2. What an adventure!! Good job hunting for coins Strawberry! Way to go!! The tree is beautiful. Can't wait to see it decorated, I'm sure it'll be wonderful!!

  3. I love your tree saga! See how much more interesting things can be when you're "broke"? : ) Your tree is beautiful!

    I love how your dark walls set off your decorations! beautiful. And so nice to see some of the things I made in the past! Yes, I bought those angels before we were married. They were always my favorite thing to bring out at Christmas too. I'm glad they are yours now.

    Happy decorating!

  4. Jamie...SERIOUSLY! Unbelievable isn't it? Thanks for your prayers!


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