Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Okay, are you ready for some fun? I'm a little nervous setting this up, but I'm going to go for it and hope it all turns out well and that you all have fun! I made this adorable diaper/bib set with my very own hands, poured all my love and smiles into them. I can't promise they are "perfect" but I promise whoever gets them will be delighted!
Here's the model I was searching for. I found this CPK at a thrift store last night, circa 1982! $2.42. OH MY! She even has Coleco stamped on the back of her head. This baby is in mint condition and was even wearing it's original diaper. I have a very soft spot in my heart for Cabbage Patch Kids. :o) Anyway, the doll is NOT part of the contest, but I wanted you to see how it fits. The set definitely works better for the baby doll, not so much the American Girl dolls, though the bib would work, just the diaper would be WAY TOO BIG!
Here's the rules:
1) Give yourself an entry if you follow my blog.
2) You can have another entry if you link to my contest at your blog and include that link in your comment.
3) Tell me how much you would pay for this set if you saw it for sale at a craft show and you can have another entry.
4)Tell me who will be the recipient of happiness if you win and you can have an entry!
I'll leave the contest open until January 13, the winner will be announced on the 14th. If you are the winner I'll ask you to leave your address in the comments and I just WON'T publish it! I'll mail it out as soon as I hear from YOU!
Okay, I hope that's clear enough! Have fun! Can't wait to see who wins!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I follow your blog, and enjoy it very much

  2. I'm really sorry that's so hard to read...Blogger won't keep my spaces in there to seperate the rules...it's SOOOO crowded looking. If you know how to fix that, you can have another entry! lol! :o)

  3. my little lady L and her plethera of baby dolls would be the proud recipients of your amazing work.
    Happy day.

  4. I follow your blog and have for a long time!

  5. The set is adorable and my girls would happily pay $5.00 for something like that.

  6. Emma, my 4 year old, would receive this. Her 3 brothers don't have dolls it would fit, and her big sister has moved more to 18" dolls (off brand ones that are just as cute as AG but way cheaper!).

  7. Mrs. Taffy~
    I'd like to enter for the contest!
    1. I am following your blog!
    2. For a handmade item like this, I would pay $10.
    3. Lydia and her (cabbage patch kid:) would be the happy recipient!

  8. Cool contest, and I love your model! I'm not entering but it is such an adorable outfit I hope it makes some little girls' day! I found a store in town that sells doll clothes! Most of the outfits are $10, but they are dresses with a hat or shoes; I can imagine your diaper/bib set in there for $5, especially if you can create some cute unique label (on muslin with pens - with a cute ribbon attached).

  9. I follow your blog! Thanks for sharing all your words of wisdom, stories of the kids and of course....all the GREAT recipies!!

  10. I wouldn't think twice about paying $5 for the set. It's worth every penny!! They're adorable!!

  11. Rosebud would absolutely LOVE this set for Baby Kate, her baby doll. I can already see her face light up with excitement! And I would of course take pics for you!

  12. And last but not least here is the link to my blog post featuring this adorable set!


  13. I follow your blog. (Which is easy to do - because your pictures are so inviting.)

  14. Around the Ozarks, we would easily pay $10 for the set.

  15. Link to your blog post...


  16. And finally...My 3 year old daughter Tahlia would be the recipient. But I can't promise the bib and diaper wouldn't be worn by her favorite monkey.

  17. love your new layout! I'm going to check out that site!

  18. Girls are gaga over American Girl Dolls like we were for Cabbage Patch kids....don't ya think? LOL

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  20. Oh, what fun!
    1. I do follow your blog...faithfully!
    2. I think a hand-made adorable item like this would be worth at least $10.00 if not more.
    3. At the moment I think I might bless a family of girls with it...really!
    Hugs to you...thanks for the fun!


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