Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas Time

What a joyful Christmas we've had! If you read the last post, you'll see the joy came from an unexpected place. I haven't talked much about the emotional side of his unemployment "adventure." I know I've mentioned struggles from time to time, but out of respect for my husband, I've tried to be careful in how much say. It's true, he has been in the dumps, extreme dumps, since he brought it up... :o) Normally I spend a lot of time talking to him about gifts and we pick things together. This year it's been different, because he's been so dumpy, he hasn't been exactly "easy" to talk too, so I just took care of it. Not in a snooty way, but with a good attitude, hoping I was doing the right thing. Apparently I was, because he's since told me numerous times how my efforts really blessed him and have actually brought some peace back to his troubled soul. Isn't God good? I really wasn't expecting that outcome, but I'm so thankful for the Joy that has come. Here are a few pictures so you can see what he saw, from a different perspective, but our reality nonetheless.

Here's our Christmas Eve Table. I've been planning some fun things for our dinner, saving some things that family have sent us in the mail.
Mike's Step-Mom sent us these fun Christmas Crackers that just happened to coordinate perfectly with my china! The cute cards are from my mom, they have a little money gift inside, but the real treasure is the picture on front and the story on the inside. She stuck real (copies) of family ancestors on the front and the story behind the picture on the inside. So during dinner the children took turns reading the stories and discussing the funny way the people on the cards looked. It was so fun! This next picture is what the place setting of Bubble Gum Taffy looked like, I think it's just so festive, even with the jar for a glass! lol I only have 6 china settings, so this is my way to extend the look.
The crackers were so fun to "POP!" open! See my crown? Everyone was wearing one at some point. Look how stiff Chocolate Taffy is...stinker!
The King and Queen!
Our dinner menu included: Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, potato rolls, stuffing and cranberry sauce. For whatever reason it all tasted amazing and everyone ate a LOT!
Then, as our tradition goes, we opened gifts from each other. This started because as parents, we just couldn't wait one more day to give gifts to our children! We go around the room, one by one, youngest to oldest, so each person can see what the other one got and us parent's can totally enjoy the moment.
These aren't in order...Chocolate Taffy-He got lots of books. He loves to read.
Bubble Gum...Oh My Word! This child is hoot to watch open gifts. She almost blew out our ear drums with her screams! We had the window and the sliding glass door open because it was 80 degrees in our sun room, we were sure the neighbors could hear her and were pretty sure they thought something awful was going on! We were laughing so hard! Here she is with her doll from Grandma Judy.
Creepy picture, I know...but look beyond the red eyes and see the "JOY!" This is a Amish Doll dress that I found at a garage sale during the summer. It's absolutely beautiful!
I told Banana Taffy to scream when he opened this present, he did a pretty good job! This is the final season of Walker, Texas Ranger. He wasn't expecting anything but a pan of brownies. Honest, some of that face is real happiness!
Blue-Raspberry, he's so sweet! This was his "big" gift. He just LOVES playmobile! I did not get this at a garage sale, but I did get it at Marshall's like 8 months ago! Knowing we might not having any money come Christmas I just put it away, so glad I did!
Laffy Taffy. I found these Pop-Its just two days earlier at Once Upon a Child. I actually bought these with money that some loving Great-Grandparent gave me for him. He's pretty much played with it constantly since last night!
We ended the evening with our advent story and the Nativity Movie. It was wonderful!
Here we are on Christmas morning. We slept until 6:30. I can live with that. :o) We like to hide the kid's stockings. So first thing they have to go searching. They really like this and when I mentioned not doing it this year, they ALL opposed!
The stockings were pretty skimpy this year, but I found a few fun things like this "Daniel Boon" hat from Goodwill for .99.
A little chocolate before breakfast. Shhh...don't tell!
We had Christmas Coffee Cake for breakfast and juice (what a treat that was!) We had planned on having Mike's sister and her family over for lunch but the weather was not cooperating! So we've postponed until tomorrow.
We finished the day with the very end of our Advent Story and a little time of prayer. Each and every child is so very thankful and so very happy. And to have Mr. Taffy happy too, that is the best Christmas present I got!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. That was lovely to have a peek into your beautiful Christmas celebration! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What great pictures!!! I hope you guys had a great Christmas. I did. Love you!

  3. That table looks very pretty and festive!!!
    PS Josiah and Tirzah sure look happy! :)

  4. Sounds like a really nice Christmas...glad yall had a white one...I keep praying for one here, but we rarely see snow this early if at all, but thats ok we wouldn't know how to act if we got one. Looked like Christmas was enjoyed by all..thanks for sharing those special moments. Blessings Lisa

  5. This will probably be the one Christmas the kids have the fondest memories of!! And see, the Lord always provides in amazing ways! He is so good and loving!

    We continue to pray for you guys!


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