Friday, December 18, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday

Our children's museum had some really cool sensory tables set up. One of them was full of flour, to run trucks through! This would be so easy to do at home, with cheap bread flour! The flour felt so cool and soft! Another table had snow in it along with squirt bottles with water died different colors. This was definitely Laffy's VERY FAVORITE activity. He kept returning to it over and over again, to give that snow a little squirt!
The last table was full of water with plastic fish and nets to scoop the fish out. The neat thing about this table was that they kept dumping ice cubes in there, there was something frozen inside the ice cube so that created another thing to scoop up with the nets.

Apparently Laffy really liked the water table, because the next day at dinner time, he got himself the bathroom stool and started playing in the soapy sink. He actually did a fantastic job of keeping the water in the sink. I had to put this fun activity to rest when he started taking the clean dishes off the dish rack and sticking them back into the the soapy water!

I'm trying this new "carnival" called Kid Friendly Friday that focuses on fun activities for the 2 and under crowd to do. It's no secret that 2 years olds are my absolute FAVORITE age God ever made!! So...if you are looking for more fun ideas for your little ones, click the link in the button above!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. That room was a lot of fun! Especially the Snowflake Coffee things!

  2. Thanks for linking up. I love sensory Tables. Christopher has Sensory Intergration problems. i am always trying to get him to try new things like these. These would be fairly easy to creat in the home.


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