Friday, December 11, 2009

Routine, Schedule or Both?

An interesting question was asked me the other day...I answered it, but then I couldn't fall asleep last night thinking about what I wrote. It was fun because I was evaluating and thinking through what I do each day and trying to figure out how to accurately describe that to someone. I don't know how good of a job I did, but I do realize that I have more to say on the subject so I just decided to blog about it myself.

Soo...In my "unique" living situation there are couple of things that contribute to WHY I do things the way I do. One being that my husband is pretty much home ALL THE TIME. (Hoping that changes in the very near future.) So if I plan things out too much, I have a immediate problem. Not that my husband is a schedule-wrecker, but his tendency is to stretch me and make me flexible, sounds like the Lord doesn't it. When we were first married I was SO controlling, getting so upset if any little thing didn't go the way I had "planned". It was awful! I've pretty much given up on trying to control anything, except maybe the look on my face and the attitude in my heart--even that can be hard most days though! This past year of having my husband home has really worked a lot of that out of me. The other thing that contributes to my approach is the fact that we've moved so many times....OH MY WORD! It's embarrassing and I don't like to talk about it, but the truth is we have moved about 17 times since we got married. I'm a pro at packing up and setting up a house! And an interesting thing I've found is that every time we move, eventually we get back into the SAME routine we had at the previous house. I call it our "groove." It looks like this:

Wake up


Get Dressed

Eat Breakfast

Morning Chores

Balancing the Sword



Afternoon Chores

Free time/naps


Evening Chores



That's what I would call our routine. Everything seems to happen in the same order anyway, so I don't really have to plan it.

When it comes homeschool, I plan things pretty detailed, especially with the older three, the oldest being in highschool (I'm a little worried about making sure I cover everything that is required so I'm little more particular with him.) My younger three though, we have our books that we always go through and we have our books that we sometimes go through and we have our fun stuff that I try to use as often as possible, because it's the REAL fun behind homeschool for me.

Chores are planned specifically. But flexible in that I'm just happy if they are done before the day is over!

Meals are planned specifically. But flexible in that I'm not tied to the day I planned the food for, because I NEVER know when Mr. Taffy is going to mix things up for me and decide he's going up North for firewood and needs a "to-go" meal.

So I think what I'm going to call this is a Spirit-Led schedule. Do you know the scripture in Proverbs: A man plans his way, the Lord directs his steps? That's what I'm talking about. Remembering that my goal isn't to follow the schedule or stay on routine if the Lord is bringing something along that needs my attention, like a neighbor dropping by, or an important email to answer, or a daughter that needs some time with Momma, or husband that needs some quiet--those things aren't on the schedule, but they are important. And even when little interruptions happen, it's easy to get back to our routine, because it's basically been the backbone to our "groove" and it's always there keeping things stable and moving forward.

This is a bit of a ramble and I'm not sure I've explained it properly. I do know that if I don't have a plan, nothing will get done. Because that's my human nature, but I also know, if I plan too much, it takes all the joy out of life and makes us all miserable. That's why I need the Spirit's leading, so I can be in whichever situation, obedient to the Lord's leading.

So I have a bit of each in my life, schedule and routine. Remember the name of my blog...TAFFY PULL. Either way, life is stretching, but God is good and in the end, all is well.


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Very well said!! I would have to agree with you completely!! Although I don't think I could have put it into words so effectively. Good job!! I'm blessed to call you "sister." Lots of hugs and kisses!

  2. You do it better than anyone I know!

  3. Hmmm...I love your way of doing things! I've heard you mention spirit-lead schedule before and I've asked the Lord to help me here as I really, really, really love a schedule that stays put! But if I'm not flexible and only have "My" plans and such than how can there be any room for what He wants in our lives...

  4. Right before I saw this post, I was thinking of this how you ran your day because you are always so productive.

    I do follow the same sort of routine. I can't seem to stick with the set times very well. It seems I often have interruptions to my schedule. I do need to get better with the routine though.

    Thanks for posting this. I do agree that every day needs to be spirit-led, especially when you lots of members in the family with so many different needs.

    With Love,

  5. I TOTALLY get it. (Maybe because you simply ditto'd everything I MEANT to write one day on my blog.) LOL!


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