Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Ramblings...

I'm having a hard time believing the fact that when my camera loaded these pictures on to the computer it's actually the 20th. Is it? I'm convinced the earth must be spinning faster than it used too, I can't figure out how this year has gone by so fast!

I didn't realize how excited I was going to be about our 2 week stay-cation. It's only the second day, but my mind is loaded with all the projects I want to get done. Here's my list:

~Sew for my Step-Mom's business.
~Plan the next few months of homeschool.
~Deep clean school room and play room.
~Go through all the books on the book shelves and purge!
~Finish some sewing projects.
~Write Thank You notes.
~Potty Train Laffy Taffy
~Celebrate Blue-Raspberry's birthday.
~Undecorate my house.
~Fill up my freezer with homemade bread.
~Make Christmas Coffee Cake and Peanut Butter Bon-Bon's
~Give the family haircuts.

The first item on my list there is something new I'm going to try to do, we'll see how that goes. But in the process of getting set up for that I had to get out all my sewing stuff and while I was doing that I found some fabric and the ideas just started pouring into my head. The first thing I thought of is how I want to hold a give-away once I have 30 followers. So I decided to make something to give-away. What better thing than a doll bib with matching diaper?! SEW EASY! I made this pattern up and blogged about it on my old blog, long ago. Since I was already going to sew up one set I decided to sew up a few more. So I made 5 sets total. Here's a picture of the 4 sets I am giving away for Christmas.
These two are for the daughters of one of my closest friends. One of the girls is really into old-fashioned stuff, so her set looks more old-fashioned. I hope they like them!
These sets are for my niece in Washington.
And this is the set for my give-away. :o) Be watching for it! (I know the diaper looks huge, it's just the angle I was holding my camera though, I'll take a better picture before my give-away.
I had so much fun sewing these up. I only used fabric that I had already. Strawberry made a set too, but she hasn't decided what she is going to do with it yet.
My fabric stash really is so small, but right before we left Washington I bought some fabric with the intent of making pajamas for my little people. I never got to it, so I had some good size pieces of fabric that I forgot I had. I decided to make Blue-Raspberry Taffy pajama bottoms for his birthday, which is just a couple days after Christmas. They turned out so cute! Originally when I made them, I thought they looked a little short so in order to lengthen them I took a bandanna and cut it up and sewed it onto the bottom. I also made a pocket with it!

I'm going to look for a cheapy black t.shirt at Walmart to complete the set and stick something wonderful in the pocket. He'll love it! And the best part is, I made a pair for Laffy Taffy too, so they can match! Oh Cute! I have enough fabric left over to make a pillow case or possibly a diaper/bib set for Bubble Gum's boy doll. :o)
While I was sewing both girls were in the school room with me working on their own projects. A song came on the radio and it mentioned Santa. Bubble Gum piped up with "Santa?" Like she never heard it before, she has obviously. So I started telling her how "Santa" is a fun game that people like to play at Christmas time. She asked me if I played it, and I told her that I did when I was a little girl and that her Grandma was the BEST at playing the "Santa" game. So here's how good of a job she did...ready for a shocker? I believed in Santa until I was 12! I was talking to my dad on the phone one day and he just said, "you know Santa is just pretend right?" "Oh yeah, I know that!" NOT! Waaahh! Shocker for this gullible girl! :o) But don't worry, I didn't stop believing in Jesus!
I once heard Chuck Swindoll say that they don't do Santa because they want their children to thank them for the presents, not a pretend "person!" I thought, yeah, me too! Anyway, I know there are many Christians who incorporate Santa into their Christmas celebrating, but we don't. But I did. And I have fond memories of those presents that were from "blank." I can remember being too scared to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night because there might be an elf in the hallway checking to make sure we were asleep. It was all so magical. Now we just try to create a different kind of "magic" for our children. One that focuses on Christ with Us-Emmanuel. There is joy this time of year, it's so fun to make the special food, see the special decorations, give gifts to loved ones, and remember the amazing Gift that God gave us when He sent His son. Sit and meditate on that for a minute, that will get you in the Christmas mood in no time!
I think I'm done rambling for now! Praying that Joy and Peace abound in your day and throughout your Christmas celebrating!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Wow! What a GREAT post! Where do I start?? LOL

    1. LOVE the list! I'm so impressed. You have so many fabulous ideas swimming around in your head!! You're so productive...even on your time off!

    2. Those diaper/bib sets are adorable! I'm sure every girl who receives one will be thrilled!! What an awesome gift!

    3. Love the Give a Way idea! As I'm sure your followers will too!

    4. I really like the cute pajamas. I should make cowgirl ones for Rosebud. She needs pajamas and as soon as she sees these.....I know she'll ask for some of her own! I guess I have to get the sewing machine out afterall! LOL

    5. And last but not least....I really liked/agreed with your thoughts on Christmas. Very well said. We are celebrating His goodness and grace in our lives! He is God with us ~ Emmanuel!

  2. Adorable dolly sets! I wish you were closer and I would give you some fabric!

    I was shocked to learn how long you believed in Santa! I tried to tell you both once the truth but you didn't believe me! Do you think your brother knows? : )

    Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Mom! That's hilarious! I had have no recollection of you telling us! Funny! I'm laughing at myself!

  4. I never realized I wasn't "following" I signed in... helps get you closer to that giveaway!! My little lady would love those diapers for her dollies. I will have to either win or learn to make them myself!! Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family.

  5. WOW, you are a busy lady, I can't believe you are adding something else. I added myself as a follower to help your numbers. I have been following you my own way, checking out your blog every day. Love you. Aunt Claudia.

  6. Mrs. Taffy~ I think the diapers and bibs are really cute! Especially the purple pair:)
    ~ Alli


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