Sunday, December 6, 2009

TOT School

Fun week here at my house. We are a flurry of activity, both school and Christmas planning. Laffy Taffy enjoyed seeing the Christmas boxes get unpacked. Here he is playing with a gingerbread beanie.
Picking out the Christmas Tree was definitely a high-light of the week. It was so fun running around in the dark tree lot.
Decorating the tree!
A cool new train puzzle toy from Papa and Grammy. This was so fun to take apart, not so fun to put back together. LOL!
If your interested, we got this at Costco.

We had many more tot school moments this week, but the camera wasn't around. Puzzles being a high-point of interest. And not just doing the puzzles, but talking about them and naming the colors and shapes. He's watched the Wiggles Christmas Video half and dozen times and jumped up and down at watching the snow fall!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. We put up our tree and decorated it too. Hopefully, I will get a chance to post about it this evening.

  2. Neat train. I bet it'll be something that he'll continue to enjoy for a while to come.

    Pinchers.... aka tongs, tweezers. :) I had a hard time finding any too. But the animal chopsticks I found locally and they are great! I found some on amazon here: And I also found these on amazon and ordered them but they haven't arrived yet: And the other ones I got came from oriental trading company; here is the link to those (they are working out really well): Hope that helps. :)

    I enjoy checking in on your blog... lots of fun ideas.

  3. Thanks Becky! Very helpful! Blessings!

  4. Baby laffy Taffy is so adorable. I know him and my Eprhaim would have so much fun together. All our kids would. Your older boys would love Justin and vice versa.

    I bet he enjoyed picking out the Christmas tree and the train.....I love!!

  5. I LOVE your train!! I wonder if Costco will let me buy one on line even though I'm not a member?? Probably not. My little guys would really enjoy it.


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