Saturday, December 12, 2009

TOT School

We had an exceptionally good TOT School week. Laffy Taffy was "hungry" to learn and play and experience this week. Every little thing I gave him to try, he did and succeeded at most all of it. I don't think these days are in order...because I know we DIDN'T do play dough on Monday! He just loves to cut the dough. I gave him the first three letters of his name to cut out too, he did that a few times, making "googies."

Notice he's using his new tray...I LOVE these trays and have used them many times this week!

Our front and back file folder game. The hardest thing about using this is his desire to pick at the animals glued down on the folder!

His favorite Shape Sorter.

He got some little animals as an early Christmas gift from his Papa and Grammy, so I gave him some rice to play in. This was a big hit! He played with this for a long time and really didn't make as big of a mess as I expected!

Pouring...pouring...pouring...Look at those ridiculous eye lashes! He did not get those from me!

We tried a little lacing too. He actually did pretty well with this. The hard part was letting go of the shoelace to pull it through. He liked sticking the lace in the bead though. I love his chubby hands!

Playing with number 1, 2 and 3. He actually gets his little desk all set up while I get the other children going on their handwriting. His table is the chair to MY desk and his chair is actually Blue-Raspberry's desk chair. Perfect for him.

He played with his new train often this week. I like this picture because of the colorful rug and the colorful toy!

He's reached a new level with his puzzle ability. I used to have to show him where to put the pieces and he could put them in. But now he can find where they go AND put them in.

He really did this shape puzzle extremely well! I was impressed, he can name about 4 of the shapes.

A little movie, for your viewing enjoyment, to see him doing his puzzle "all by himself!"

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Mrs. Taffy


  1. Ok....that is the cutest video ever! How adorable!! That is one smart little boy!

    We have that same "1, 2, 3" set and just LOVE it! Aren't Lauri puzzles just the best??? I wish I had more of them!

  2. How cute! I really enjoyed that video, all the talking in the background too! : )

  3. So cute! My lil guy is 24 months, too, so I really enjoy seeing what your lil man is up to! :) Thanks for sharing - he is a smart guy!!! :)

  4. The movie is adorable! Laffy Taffy is very very very smart. I am proud to be his cousin. The rice in the bucket is a wonderful idea. We have thouse same 123 set. Have a blessed night.

  5. I love the plastic animals in the rice! I might have to implement this this idea :-)

  6. My little one does the same thing with a heads/tails lapbook we have. Lots of great ideas. Thanks!

  7. WOW! He's doing GREAT with puzzles!! I love the idea of animals in a rice bucket. I wanted to change Sunshine's up from fruits/veggies to Christmas theme, but just haven't had the time. Someone sent Sunshine some plastic zoo animals so I think we will jsut change over to that! Thanks for the idea!

  8. What a fun week! Great idea to put the animals in the rice bucket - we've had fun with sensory bins/tubs before. What a cutie doing his puzzle...we just recently reached that point where my toddler can put all the puzzle pieces in by herself too!

  9. Boys always get the best eyelashes don't they? LOL

    He had lots of fun!!

    We just got our trays but I haven't even opened them yet.

  10. Hi,
    First I wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. My youngest will be a year old in Jan. and we will be starting Tot School.
    I also wanted to let you know that I host a blog Carnival called, Kid Friendly Friday. This week my post is called, "What to do with a child under two". I gave a few links and I also wanted to share a few blogs so that the readers could see activities in action. Anyway, your blog was featured. If you want to check out my post here is the link.


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