Saturday, December 19, 2009

TOT School

Oh we had such a great week school wise! We are on "vacation" now, until after the new year and sometimes it's really hard to make a good effort during those last few days of school. But I'm happy to report that not one of my children slacked off all week! They gave it their best and earned their two week rest! We've not missed one day of school since we started, we've stayed completely on schedule. This is the first year we've pulled that off and I've been homeschooling for over 10 years! Even Laffy Taffy had a great week! This first picture is him looking at a DK Puzzle book, he was doing it all on his own and he did it many times! I think we can thank static for the condition of his hair. :o)
I found these big Melissa and Doug lacing beads at Marshall's for $7.99-Laffy received some Christmas money and I bought him "school" stuff! lol! He actually did fantastic at this, I was amazed! The beads are big enough and the hole is just the right size too!
I totally forgot I had these, they are Beginner Bible Flannel grams! This is the nativity story. He could name most of the animals and repeat all the words to the things he didn't know. But you better believe he KNEW who the baby Jesus was! And told me over and over and over again!
This was actually his 4 year old sister's assignment, but I wanted to see what he would do with it. He amazed me and started matching the colored beads to the correct space on the card. He in no way completed the pattern, but he seemed truly interested in matching the colors up.
It was a little frustrating because the beads would move with the slightest bump...
Wedgits. He was building three of the same structures! Cool!
We also went to the Children's Museum this week. Didn't know it was only going to be 2 degrees outside when we left! Brrrr....They had awesome sensory tables set up. This one is full of bread flour and trucks.
Snow and spray bottles with colored water. This was his favorite, squirting the snow--lovely!
The last table was full of water and ice cubes and little toy water creatures to scoop out.
I love this picture. This is during "big fun" where the children get to run around and act crazy and play with new this Butt Ball. lol
And finally, his crowning moment. After all that fun at the Children's Museum, he decided he wanted to relive the moment. This is during the dinner prep time...he went to the bathroom, got the stool and played in the sink. He did a great job keeping the water in the sink. I had to shoo him away once he started pulling clean dishes off the dish rack and putting them back into the soapy water. This kept him busy for a good 20 minutes.

I love looking back over the week to see what we've done. I have no sense of time really, since Mr. Taffy isn't working and we aren't involved in any extra curricular activities, each day sort of blends into the next one. So to see what we've done, give some definition to the time that passed and makes me happy.

We are done with school here for a while so I don't think I'll have a TOT School post next week. You all have a Merry Christmas! May God be found faithful by you and He has been found by me.

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Hugs from bloggy land,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. WOW! He's learning so much. And he's so smart! Thanks for all the great pics. It's given me all kinds of ideas for my little guys next week!

  2. I like your Bible Felt pictures. Do you remember where you found them originally?
    Looks like you guys had a great week!

  3. Hi Susan! I think I bought them from Timberdoodle originally. I'm not sure if they still have them. Another place you can try is Rainbow Resource: They both are homeschool sites, with free catalogs. :o)

  4. oo love some of those activites. We got about 24 inches of snow this weekend I think I might have to do that food coloring spray bottle activity! Have a Merry Christmas!!

  5. Ive never heard of widgets, but they look fun! And i love the water/sink idea. Sometimes i over think things and miss the most obvious and easiest ideas! Thanks for that one! Oh, and i love melissa and Doug AND Marshalls.

  6. Lots of great stuff. I had forgotten about widgits and how cool they are. Not that we have any. But they might make a good birthday idea.

    Love his lacing skills. My tot likes to throw her beads. LOL She never uses anything as intended.


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