Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And The Winner IS!!!!

Drum roll's my handsome hubby (pardon his hat head and squinty eyes-it was late when we did this)...pulling a name out of his hat!

Tristan! You are the most blessed winner of the doll diaper and bib set! Congratulations! Pop me a comment, sometime before Saturday, with your address and I will send it out directly! I hope your daughter(s) is very blessed!
Mrs. Taffy
P.S. I would like to do this again. Lord willing. And should I get some fabric anytime soon I would like to try to sell a few for my homeschool slush fund.


  1. hmmm, is that a hint for fabric? How much does it take to make a "set"? I know people with fabric to spare!

  2. Well, it I guess I could see how you might think that was hint...he he he. But really I was just thinking about getting over to the fabric store E V E N T U A L L Y. Why are some things so hard to do? Anyway, not much fabric, less than a quarter of a yard I think. I would love any "extra" that any certain Grandma or Aunt or Mom might have. Just needs to be childish in nature, not the giver, the pattern. LOL! Love you mom!

  3. Oh, I think it's wonderful that you are going to make some for your slush fund...good job!

    Congratulations to Tristian..

    This was fun for yes please do it again...

  4. This doll diaper and bib set arrived today and my girl is thrilled! Thank you so much, they are perfect.


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