Friday, January 22, 2010

Bubble Gum School Week 13

We started out the week with some puzzles. I love puzzles and have a pretty big collection of nice puzzles that I have mostly found at garage sales. I'm particular about puzzle brands though, so this one was a good find. She only needed a little help getting started, and completed it without any trouble.

Some more shape tracing and sewing.

I got this simple snowman craft off the Totally Tots Blog. I did all the cutting, but she did all the gluing and arranging. This craft really made her happy and it was so simple to set up.
I made the snow flakes out of punches from my scrapbook supplies.
Working on her numbers. She is still having trouble remembering 7, 8 & 9. She can count them, but has trouble remembering what the numbers actually LOOK like.
I made her some patterns to copy with the linking cubes.
This is our Learning Palette. I found it at a garage sale. It's such a neat learning tool. She was working on numbers here again.
Lower Case Lauri Puzzle.
One more BIG floor puzzle. This is a new (to her) puzzle. It's an Usborne puzzle and it's really fun because there is duck hidden in each room of the house.

Some other things Bubble Gum did this week:
~Went sledding with her cousins.
~Got a steamer at Starbucks that she ordered and paid for herself.
~Listened to mom read to her for at least 2 hours cumulative.
~Watched Word Girl, Martha Speaks and Curious George on PBS.
~Learned how to put her books on her book shelf the right way. :o)
~She's been really into her Loving Family doll house this week and has played with it during all her free time. My family room is a disaster, but she's having so much fun!
I wanted to make a cake with her this week, but that will have to wait until next week, or possibly this weekend, there are rumors of a big storm coming through, so that might be a fun afternoon activity for her.
I LOVE preschool! This is best age to teach! Lessons are short, students are eager, everything is colorful and happy, a wonderful time of learning and growing!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. You always find great finds at garge sales. Miracle calls you the garge sale queen! Have a blessed day!

  2. Looks like a fun learning week! We are expecting snow next week so I think I'll have to print off that snowman activity for my boys! We usually only get a dusting to a couple of inches so no *real* snowman here! The cute paper craft will be perfect!

  3. What a wonderful week. Love everything you did.

    We love Curious George puzzles here too!

  4. What a great week!! Love all your puzzles and number activities. I like the tracing shapes idea. I really need to do that with my boys.
    Lynn Never a Dull Moment

  5. nice job! You have a nice set of activities! :)

  6. Awesome shopping finds! I have a little puzzle fiend too, he's 4.5 years old and can do them quicker than I can buy them. ;o)

    The Learning Palette looks like tons of fun, I might need one! :o)

  7. I'm so glad that you're sharing your preschool activities now too! Thanks!!

  8. I love your puzzles and other props - you probably accumulated so many neat things over years of homeschooling. Bubble Gum looks so proud of her snowman.


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