Friday, January 15, 2010

PreSchool Corner: Bubble Gum School

I thought I would share a little bit about Bubble Gum's School. It seems I only post about my little guy, who I wouldn't even say I am homeschooling, per se, and I think some of my readers might have preschoolers and be interested to see what she does in a week. I subscribe to a "better late than early" philosophy for the most part, so I try not to be real pushy with this age (4), but have things ready for her to work on. In a biggish size family, the little ones always want to do what the older ones are doing, so it's difficult to exclude her--she won't let me! lol

So here she is working on a File Folder game. You can use the link on the right hand column of my blog if you don't know about this amazing website/forum. It's such a blessing! For this game she counts the number of cherry's on a cupcake and matches it up the numbered cupcakes. 8 and 10 are very hard for her, but she hasn't given up! The cupcakes help, they are SO cute! 8 is always the last one to find it's home. She's so sweet, like a cupcake!

Lauri Alphabet Puzzle I have a lower case version of this puzzle also.

We've been working through the Get Ready for the Code workbooks. They are just her speed. She knows every sound the letters of the alphabet make and she can write most them too, not all of them, but she's getting there. These books are so mellow, I love that. We just do as much as she wants, some days it's one page, other days it's 5. I'm planning on moving her into the Explode the Code workbooks when she begins Kindergarten. This is my first time using this series, so far I am very pleased with it.

I found these wood lacing and tracing shapes at a consignment shop. She knows her shapes, but I liked giving her the challenge of tracing them and coloring them and then sewing them up. She thinks she's knitting. :o)

She got a little tangled up with the triangle, but she didn't give up!

Here she is doing another File Folder Game. This one is matching lower case to capital letters. The colors aren't right because my old printer died along with the print heads...Some of things she's done this week that I didn't get pictures of:

~watched half a dozen Magic School Bus Movies from the library

~listened to mom read to her for a cumulative 2 hours

~had some classical music appreciation time, complete with twirly and dancing

~spent hours drawing and coloring and making little "books" for her family members

I hope you've enjoyed this little peak in to her preschool. I'll try to keep posting different things she does to give you a glimpse of preschool at our house! If you want to see more preschool ideas, click on the button above!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Awww she is so cute. She looks alot like you, I think. :)

    Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I feel like my preschooler and toddler get no time with me or have any productive activities to do. I also need to create some of these school folders, they look like something fun they would like. I do need to gather some teaching materials to use with the littles. Another project! :)

    I am actually sitting down once again and getting my school schedule down. Things have changed a bit over here since my dh is home now. He is keeping me in line! LOL No slacking anymore!

    Oh, and I've been using the cloth diapers. Seeeee....your encouragement has helped.

    Thanx so much...

    With love,

  2. And she is sweet like a cup cake...I bet she was darling twirling to classical music...

    Hugs to the cup-cake!

  3. By the way...your post was very encouraging and gave me some inspiration...

  4. Yay Chris! Soooo proud of you! That's just wonderful that you are using your cloth diapers and making school plans. Maybe your crafty daughter would enjoy making the folders for you! Delegate I say! Delegate!

    Thanks for being my friend! :o)

  5. xoxoxo to you!

    Good idea to have my crafty daughter make those folders she would actually love it. I am learning to delegate. I know I always feel like I have to control every little detail. I am letting go though. Really I am.

    Love ya,

  6. I liked what she did this week. The Get Ready for the Code books are great. We loved them.

  7. Nice job! We have the cupcake file folder game too & my 4 year old enjoys it as well! 1st time at your blog - you have some very nice ideas! :)

  8. Visiting from Preschool Corner. It's interesting to see what a 4 year old can do with writing and fine motor skills. It gives me hope that my daughter will be a lot more open to these activities a year from now.


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