Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cabin Fever & Stinkin' Proud

Sigh...January in Minnesota. January in Minnesota with no place to go. January in Minnesota with no money and nothing to do. Where's the chocolate? Sigh...Those thoughts are the first sign of cabin fever. You know what the second sign is? Children tipping over in their chairs and falling down the stairs and babies sitting on counters devouring marshmallows faster than his mom and take them away! I'm not kidding, cabin fever is upon us! Thankfully we saw the sun today, but it was too cold to play outside! We don't have anywhere to go anyway. So, instead of complaining about how trapped I feel I'll just tell you something wonderful that happened today. :o)

It's the end of second quarter here, so I was working on report cards for the school district. When I send in the required report cards I don't give them a letter grade, just a excellent or satisfactory mark. But, for my family, I give them letter grades. I'm pretty happy with their scores over all, but I want to talk to you about my first born for a minute. Hopefully he won't get mad at me for sharing this, but it might encourage some of you homeschool moms. Banana Taffy has always been homeschooled. I never wanted to experience putting my 5 year old on a bus, so I didn't. :o) He's never been real academic. He's more social and athletic. At times over the years he's butted heads with me some and been resistant to learning certain things. He's rushed through his school work and not really cared what kind of grades he got or what he learned. Well, let me just tell you, the light bulb has gone on for this child and he has taken responsibility for both his grades and his ambitions in learning! He actually WANTS to study! He's actually asked me for more boundaries to help him study MORE! What?! I'm just so impressed with how he's matured here through our struggles, not becoming rebellious and hard-hearted, but trying to carry some of the burden for his parents. I'm homeschooling him through high-school, with him hopefully enrolling in the Post-Secondary Education Option in the 11th grade (that's college and highschool at the same time, and gives him a highschool degree and an AA and it's FREE! and he can do it at CHRISTIAN COLLEGES or on-line!) I say hopefully because he does have to pass some tests first, but this is our requirement for him which will help both him and us! So now that I think about it, I only have a year and a half left of teaching him...WOW! How in the world did that happen? Well, anyway, if you could have been a fly on the wall at my house today you would have been impressed too, in a world full of rebellious, self-centered youth, in my fears of having one of those children and in the happy place that Lord has brought my almost 15 year oldto, I am thanking a great and merciful God. His ways work. His Words are true. You can't give up, you can't give in. You must hold the line on your beliefs and your convictions and you must live every day surrendered to God Almighty. I've got a lot of babies left to get through puberty and homeschool, but I had to share a little bit of happiness here on the Taffy Pull! My Banana Taffy is growing up and becoming a godly, determined and focused young man. And I'm just so stinkin' proud of him!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a great post! Its always wonderful to hear about how God is working in the lives of our children. Its also great to hear a success story. You should be very proud.

  2. Hear Hear! Me too!

    Proud Grandma!

  3. AGH,,,,housebound here in SD too,,,,too much snow! I did get out yesterday but only cause I HAD to take the girls to the othrodontist~ but I wasn't too happy about driving in this weather....God protected us though!
    YEAH!!!! Great job on the good grades..keep it up :)

  4. Thanks mom!


    ~Josiah Blanchard~

  5. For some reason I can't seem to pull up your latest blog post....saturday ramblings. When I click on that link it says that link is not found and then I pull up your blog but it isn't there. Hmmm. I've never had problems before. I hope you get this message also. I commented on this blog post....did you get it?


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