Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keeping and Staying

So I have a lot to say, but no pictures. Sorry. I've been taking pictures, but they've mostly been for TOT School and Preschool Corner, you'll see them in a couple days.

I've been fairly productive this week in my homemaking goals anyway. Here's a brief break down:

-I made and froze 10 quarts of red sauce for lasagna, spaghetti and pizza.
-Made 3 dinners for the freezer, to save for another day. I'm trying to fill my freezer with 30 dinners before March 1--got a big thing going in March and making dinners ahead of time is the best way I know how to be nice to myself. lol
-Made an Azure order. This was really fun because they had #2 butternut and acorn squash for $9.00 for 35lbs.! I bought a box of each and 40#'s of End of Season Jonagold Apples for $10.00! We love squash and I can think of a hundred things to do with those apples! I also ordered 50# of oatmeal.
-Tried a couple new recipes this week and made a list of some other new recipes I want to try.
-Cleaned out my pantry, freezer, baking cupboard and BIG pantry.

-We went to Target this morning to get Blue-Raspberry a steamer with his Starbucks gift card. While we were there, I checked out the clearance racks and found a ton of great buys! Turtle necks for $1.80, little boy's jeans for $3.24, sweatshirts and hoodies for $1.84! It was so fun! That turned into me going through buckets and bins in the laundry room and I ended up reorganizing my clothing storage! That's a huge job and really messy, but it's so fun and now I have a little list of things to look for when I'm at garage sales or thrift stores. I DO NOT need anymore boy's size 4, or 5 clothes! Wow! I have enough to dress three boy's, at least! I have bags of clothes to give away too! Won't that be fun to bless somebody?!

-I've been pricing books for a used-curriculum sale that is coming up the end of the month. I sold a little bit already and I was able to give the money away to a few ministries that were on my heart, the rest of the stuff I sell will go to my curriculum fund for the 2010/2011 school year.

-I think it's safe to say that Laffy Taffy is potty-trained. He tells me when he needs to go now. He poops in the potty now too! It's a wonderful thing and I'm so pleased with how well he did through the process. I'm only giving him gummy bears for poops now, since he's a little more apprehensive in that area.

- I went ahead and ordered some vitamins for my Mommy Doctor Kit. I've been talking about doing that since October, but haven't wanted to spend the money. But then...we were exposed to a little cold and I got to thinking that taking one of my children to the doctor with out insurance would cost WAY more than a box of vitamins that could literally KEEP them from getting sick, so I justified it and got the bare minimum to what I believe is important for good immune health. I'm just so happy to have some Cod Liver Oil for poor Blue-Raspberry, we've been out for over a month and I forget how unstable his emotions can get! I'll be giving him 2 a day until he mellows out again.

I guess that about wraps up what I've been doing. I've discovered a little secret, that I've only shared with a select few because it is slightly "radical" in a conservative way and I'm a very non-confrontational, people pleasing, quiet person so somethings I only say things when either I'm really riled up or feel really comfortable. But I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone for a minute, at the encouragement of my friend, and share the secret. Here it is: A woman's place of safety and protection from the Lord is her physical home. This is a biblical truth, scattered all throughout scripture, you can read little nuggets of promise and blessing when a woman is home, keeping it and watching over it and taking care of it and all the people who dwell inside it! The more I've had to be home out of necessity, the more real this promise has become to me. Not from an I "need to hide from the big bad world" position, but from a position of peace and security, being in the place God has designed me for and prepared me for and put me in. I think once I really grabbed on to this idea and let it sink into my spirit, I was able to really be free in being home. I'm not trapped here, it's not a prison or a work-house, it's the place God has designed for me to be FREE in, to flourish in and to grown in. I can't wait to get home once I've had to leave for a while. Some day I'll do a proper post about this subject with scriptures to back it up! For now though, just think about it and see what the Holy Spirit says. :o)

Mrs. Taffy


  1. See all the wonderful things the Lord is teaching you right now!!! It's wonderful! The Love of the Lord never ceases!!!

  2. Nice post! I so hear you on the fish oil. We slacked here the last month or so also and we have seen HUGE affects on our children especially our Apraxic child. Kicked it back into full swing and we can already see a difference only being back on it a week!
    Worth the money, completely.
    Happy day.

  3. What a great post! It is a great way to start my day! I love how you dive in when life gives you lemons, well, you know the rest...Big congrats on the potty training! Your post was very inspiring to me too and you're never to old to learn something from your daughter!

  4. Wow you have been busy! Thank you for sharing I have been struggling with staying home andit is exactly what I needed to hear. I look forward to more about it :)

  5. I just wanted to let you know how much of an encouragement this post was to me. I used to dislike being home and would want to rush out the door every night when my husband got home. In the last few years I have started really enjoying being home, and like you, can't wait to get back home after we've been gone for too long. I had never really thought about it as being where God desires me to be. What a refreshing way to think about it! I would love to see the scriptures on it. Anyways, thank you for posting this :)

    Mom to 4 boys

  6. Kalani and Carrie,

    Okay, your kind words have really got me thinking and I've been in continual thought and prayer about how to "prove" this scripturally. :o) As a family, we have been reading through the Bible and it's a theme that I've read over and over, but never wrote down the verses! Ahh! Should have though, because there are plenty of people out there, Christians included, who look down on women for desiring to be home. So, I will continue to pray and research and then I will write a post to share what I've found. Thanks again!

    Mrs. Taffy


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