Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kitchen Business

Phew! Long, busy day! Actually, the day went by really fast, I'm just tired from all the stuff I did. My feet especially! The picture above is a scene from my kitchen that just makes me happy. The picture below make me happy too, they were playing together so nicely! See the mess? It's been like that ALL week! And this picture is proof for all you people who think my house is "always" perfect! See my big mess? I'm the only one who can take credit for this mess! That's my load of stuff I'm trying to sell at the used-curriculum sale. I still have to price some stuff, but it's mostly done. The two bags that look like sleeping bags, are full of clothes that I am giving away.
Mostly I've been working in the kitchen all day. Here's Strawberry helping with the potatoes. These are what's left of the 100 pounds I bought in November, they were going to seed and getting a little squishy, so I thought we better quick process what was left. I think she peeled about 20lbs of potatoes! What a blessing!

With the peeled potatoes I made a ton of mashed potatoes to freeze in one cup portions to use in Potato Bread. I also diced and boiled potatoes for 30 breakfast burritos. And we had ham and cheese chowder for dinner which is loaded with potatoes. Filling the burritos.All packed up and ready for the freezer. My plan for these burritos isn't necessarily for breakfast, but also for snacks for my teens and emergency food when Mom isn't around to cook! :o) That does happen from time to time. I also made 4 dozen dinner rolls. We ate a dozen with dinner and I froze the rest.
A pan of cinnamon rolls! YUM! We ate these for a snack this afternoon. I also made 2 pizza's for lunch, with whole wheat pizza dough, I didn't get a picture though, it was delicious!
4-2# loaves of bread. They flattened out some, I think because of the humidity. It's raining today, even though there's snow all over the ground. And I was boiling so many potatoes, that likely added to the humidity. Still, the bread will taste great. We only need one loaf for sandwiches for everyone. I still need to slice it up and double bag it and stick it in the freezer!
Here's my clean kitchen AFTER all that baking and cooking! See my cup of tea on the stove? I was ready to sit for a minute...NOT! As soon as I sat down chaos broke out upstairs: broken lego creations, poopy pants, fighting over the tooth paste...sigh. All is well now. We read books, prayed and all the little people are tucked nicely into bed, my tea is cold but it's still tasty!

Tomorrow I want to make a chicken in the crock pot, make a cake with Bubble Gum and I HAVE to correct school papers and make copies for the upcoming homeschool week!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Well, I'm impressed! The only thing I made today was a yummy meatball minestrone soup and sweet and sour meatballs over rice with a green salad. Oh, don't forget the rice crispy treats!

    Everything looks wonderful and the clean kitchen is just the icing! I hope you ended up having that cup of tea.

    I just had three cups of my favorite loose tea this evening. It was a treat and I do so enjoy it!

  2. Wow, what a productive day. I never thought about making breakfast burritos and freezing them.

  3. Stacie, Your soup sounds delicious! Yes, I did have my tea! I LOVE tea! :o)

    Carrie, I can't take credit for the idea of freezing burritos. :o) I got it from the Fix, Freeze, Feast cookbook! he he he

  4. Nice job mom! Thanks for letting me help you!
    It was a lot of fun.
    S.T. (Strawberry Taffy)

  5. You are amazing! Your baking made my mouth water! I made soup yesterday too! meatball-vegetable! I had plans of cooking up a BUNCH of stuff so I could skate through the week, but I got distracted! There is still today though and if you could do all that - surely I can cook up a couple of things! : )

  6. WOW! What a nice productive day. I'm impressed! We love those same breakfast burritos too!

  7. I'm exhausted reading all you did! LOL

    I bet it felt so good after the fact. You rock girl! You're an inspiration in my life. You must have so much energy to get everything accomplished and still have time to blog. I really don't know how you do it! I 'm sure part is due to your gift of homemaking. I can tell for sure.

    I'm Still cloth diapering....can you believe it?! I'm getting a hang of it now. I'm a pro! LOL

    Talk soon,

    With LOVE -- Chris

  8. The pictures all look good enough to eat! Especially the cinammon rolls! It's fun making the burritos and rolls! Have a good day!

  9. What a tiring day that must of been for you. Those cinnamon rolls look DELICOUS!!!!! I think I'm drooling on my computer! Gross! Have a blessed day!

  10. Chris! I got your first comment, I see it up there, but the one you just sent seems to be stuck in bloggy land, I'm sure it will show up eventually.

    I deleted my Saturday blog post, that's why you can't view it. I was sad because the tax thing didn't actually work out like we thought. Sigh...pray for us, we are "faint-hearted."

    I'm so proud of you for continuing to use the cloth diapers! I know your husband appreciates the sacrifice and effort! Are you teaching your girls the in's and out's of cloth diapering? :o)



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