Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let the Potty-Training Begin!

I didn't start out the day thinking, "Oh today will be a GREAT day to start potty-training Laffy Taffy." Nope, I've been procrastinating slightly because I know it will be challenging giving him the attention he needs to get this new skill mastered. But this morning when I was changing him he kept saying his butt hurt (My butt hurts Mom-Mom) and sure enough he had a couple little owies from a bad poop yesterday. So I just decided I was done changing poopy toddler diapers anyway and put a pair of training pants on him.

I use a loose version of this book-Toilet Training in Less than a Day. Here's what I do:
~Once I start, I don't stop. NO MORE DIAPERS. Except at nap/bed time and I'm not using my usual cloth diapers, but actual cloth "good-nights" that can be washed over and over again.
~I give him lots of juice and milk to drink so he has to go potty often and therefore has many chances at success.
~Every time he pees in the potty he gets a M&M. Two if he poops-he hasn't yet, but likely will sometime later as is his routine. :o)
~Every time he has a success in the bathroom the whole household cheers, thus making it a wonderful joyful occasion that he wants repeated again and again!

So far today he's been able to pee on demand. He hasn't told me he needs to go yet, but I've taken him to sit on the potty and he's peed. I'm impressed! He thinks it's funny! He did have one accident during school, not too huge but boy was it cold for him! It's FREEZING here and the fire took a while to warm up the house this morning, so all that pee made for one cold boy!

The training pants I'm using are called Imse Vimse. I bought them when he was a baby still. It was just one of those moments when I felt like ordering something on-line. They are spendy and at the time we had the money, not now though, so I am so thankful that I bought them because they are so soft and he thinks they are so cool with their "cows and horses." If you click on the picture of him laying on the floor it will take you to the sight I bought them from.

An interesting side note, I've used cloth diapers with all my children at some point. With my first born, I actually used a diaper service. But I will admit that I was NEVER as committed to using them as I have been with this child. Laffy Taffy has worn cloth his entire life, unless we were traveling for more than a day and when he was a new born (if you've had a newborn, you KNOW why). I think the reason being that I surrendered myself to it. I just told myself that I had no other choice, though I did, and I just stayed committed to it. Thinking about all the money I've saved my family makes me so happy. And you know, my husband is so happy I use cloth, though he would never require it of me. He instinctively knows it's better, knows it saves money and he doesn't even change diapers! :o) Maybe a couple, but he basically retired from diaper changing after number 3. And I don't tell you that to feel sorry for me or to think badly of him, this is NOT an area of contention in our marriage, I am happy to change diapers (most of the time) because I'm so blessed to have these children and I don't take any of them or their messy diapers for granted!

I'll keep you updated on how this potty-training goes. I have high hopes because my Laffy Taffy is such a smart and articulate little guy, but he's still a baby...sniff...sniff...

Joyfully putting away the cloth diapers (but not getting rid of),
Mrs. Taffy

P.S. I would just like to point out how much Laffy Taffy looks like my CPK model in my contest picture...even the dimple. See why I love them so much? They look like MY babies! :o)


  1. YEAH for potty training!!! To me, it's like teaching your child to read, so rewarding!!!!
    And OF COURSE one shouldn't think badly of Mr Taffy for not changing diapers~ I"m kinda one that believes women have their jobs and men have theirs...and to clarify, Kev does occasoinally change diapers on his day off,, but not often!

    Oh, and glad to hear that poopy came in the potty!!! Good boy!

  2. I am sure soon Lafy Taffy will feel very much like an older kid. We did the same thing with one of our day cares. But I am sure you will have a better victory than us. Have a blessed day!

  3. That's adorable! I know it is a bittersweet moment when your child steps out of being a baby into being a child...but it is a good think and I know he will love being so independent!

    Love you,


  4. Woowho for potty trainning ... our last baby now 4 was the easiest to potty train, he was our only boy so I am not sure if that had anything to do with it, but who knows!! Cheering with you!! Lisa

  5. I've thought about starting this with Ephee but not yet! I do have cloth diapers but don't use them. I bought lots of prefolds but only used them periodically. So they just sit there and stare at me.

    Here are my excuses for not using them. I know I should since it is a big money saver especially having two in dipes.

    Ok ready for this.....

    1. I don't have a diaper sprayer and the baby poo stays stuck on the dipe so I have to clean them the old fashion way with the dunking of the dipe in the toilet. Yuck...I stopped this when I was preggo with Ana...I couldn't take it. I know the sprayers don't cost much but I haven't taken the time or effort to look into them.

    2. I have to constantly change the diapers. I keep them in their disposable longer. But not super long. With cloth I had to change them every 2 hours. With disposable....about 4 hours. Is this horrible? It true though.... :)

    3. I guess these are my only excuses for not cloth diapering. I know they are lame, I guess...I haven't fully committed like you have.

    Thanks for the tips on how to potty trained. This is always a challenge for me.

    Love ya,


  6. Chris!!! Yeah, I'm yelling, but in a good way! :o) Here's some counter-excuses for you!

    I don't use a sprayer either and dunking the poops is awful, that's why I potty-train early! :o)

    You have two beautiful daughters that you are raising to be wives and mothers, let them help with the diaper changing! It will be a blessing to you and to them! You will be teaching them to serve "the least of these" and honor you! Snappi's are a beautiful thing, they are much easier on the young girls than pins!

    I don't change Laffy every two hours. I probably did when he was younger, but I've found that the nicer chinese prefolds hold lots of fluid, I rarely had leaks!

    Still, I think having your daughters help you is the best answer! You are a good Momma, cloth diapers don't make you a better Mom, but they do save money, especially if you already have them!

    Love you too!

    Mrs. Taffy

  7. I knooooooowwwwww! Moriah loathes diaper changing and Tsavah doesn't mind it. But they don't like changing poopies. I know I could get Tsavah to do it, but it would be a huge challenge with Moriah.

    So you don't have a diaper sprayer? Wow, I gotta give it to you! Yes the poops are yuckkkkyyyy. I have some chinese and indian prefolds. I guess they are good. I might consider using them now that you countered my excuses. LOL But that is CONSIDER. Since my dh has started his own business we are going to be pinching a bit now. ok, I'll consider. LOL

    Thanks and love ya, xooxoxoxoxo


  8. Ahh... you put me to shame... I've been such a slacker..I've gotten rid of the diapers but only to put her in pull-ups...LOL

  9. Oh, I love those potty training underware...aren't they the most wonderful thing! Good job Jonathan...eat a few M&M'a for Mrs. Griffin....

  10. I love your blog! The pic with the potty is great!


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