Saturday, January 9, 2010


This morning Mr. Taffy and I got up early, left the children at home watching "educational" movies and drove ourselves, in the -9 temperature to a library book sale. This just wasn't any old library though, it was a Christian Homeschool library, they are moving and therefore cleaning off their shelves. We were the first ones there! Here's what I found:
That little stack of books there is a series published by Moody Press, they are old and they look really fun. I've found that Moody generally publishes very conservative, highly Christian fiction, at least the older ones for sure. I didn't get the whole set, but they were only .25 a piece and should be good reading for Blue-Raspberry in a year or two. The most expensive thing I found was $2.00 ( a cook book full of squash recipes) and I actually got that for free, as a reward for having all my books turned in! :o)
Even found some curriculum. Banana Taffy is working through the Complete-A-Sketch series, so I was happy to find another set so cheaply, for Chocolate to use in 9th grade. The Practical Drafting Book I am saving for Banana for 10th Grade. I'm not sure about that Abeka math, but it was $1.75, so I figured it was worth the risk. I don't have my elementary math books anymore and Teaching Textbooks only goes as low as 4th grade yet, so we'll see if I actually end up using that or reselling it. I spent a total of $10.25 this morning.
This is a project I worked on Friday. This beautiful piece of furniture has been used as a changing table for the passed 2 years. So, since we are DONE with this round of diapers, I decided to move it out of my room into the dining room, where I think it looks very nice! I put our Bibles in the cupboards, instead of Laffy's clothes. :o) There's nothing in the drawers. If I need to use it as a changing table again someday, it will be easy enough to move back upstairs! Versatile furniture is awesome!

And this is just a funny picture of me. I was playing around with taking a picture of myself. I think it's kind of interesting to look at with the blue in the reflection of the camera lens. This is OFTEN what I look like to my family. :o)
Tomorrow will be Laffy's first outing since we've started potty-training. I'm only slightly nervous about it and don't actually have a plan yet, but I'm sure I will and we will all live through it no matter what the outcome!
Funny story: When I was potty-training Strawberry, we went shopping at Home Depot. I felt confident, at the time, that she could hold it and not have an accident. Well, I was wrong. She was sitting in the basket of the cart and Mr. Taffy and I were discussing something and all of a sudden we hear this big splash. I sort of yelped thinking one of my boys had knocked something over. Looking down, there was a puddle of pee under our cart and a very sheepish looking Strawberry girl. That was the one and only accident she ever had! I think it surprised her as much as it did us!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Way to shop! And I love the "changing table" as an occassional table! Very nice.

  2. Very cute table arrangement. You have such a gift! Great finds at the sale too!! FYI~ TT is coming out with 3rd grade next month. And I read on a blog somewhere that 2nd will be coming out soon after that, although that's not on their website.

  3. That's a beautiful changing table! A lot of H3's furniture will be able to be used through her entire growing up--we planned it that way so I didn't feel like I was wasting money on things.
    I love library sales, especially the Christian book ones. My mom got a lot of books for me at those. There are a couple historical fiction series that I enjoyed while in school. I'll have to look up the names, but maybe I can find a couple for your kids to enjoy.
    Have you ever tried Saxon math? That's what I used homeschooling. It's based off of a Japanese text that's considered one of the best in the world, or so I was told. I thought it was pretty efficient as far as textbooks go. Neither of my parents are "math people", so they did hire a tutor once I got into Algebra so I could get some of my questions answered. The books were good though, and most of my friends who used them did well in math, or at least had a good understanding of it even if they didn't prefer it. :o)

  4. Great finds! I love a great book sale. I agree that Moody Press is a good bet for great books.


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