Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thoughts on Potty-Training

Something I realized while going through this process for the 6th time is that there seems to be a cycle to this potty-training business. What I mean by that is, that there is an order to learning this new skill. Goes something like this:

Day 1-4 Everything starts out exciting and fun, for both Mom and child. The M & M's are the perfect motivator, as well as all the applause throughout the house.

Day 5 Mother and child are starting to get sick of all the watching and waiting. M & M's aren't the perfect motivator anymore, neither are applause.

Day 6-7 Child is actually starting to resist the training and almost rebelling against it: running the other way, only peeing 4 drips and saying "all-done." Possibly having accidents on purpose (Laffy hasn't done this, but I remember some of my other ones doing it.) At this point I do actually start discipling, if there is rebellion involved. As in, "let's go potty." "No! Mom-Mom!" That's just not accceptable and doesn't have anything to do with the act of peeing in the toilet. I think this is where most of us quit. (or go back to disposable underwear or slack-off to the point of untraining) I've felt this way. But the ticket is to not give in or give up, because on the other side is the glory!

Day 8 and beyond We've now changed our reward to gummi bears. Ahh...Child has told me he needs to poop...we make it to the toilet... Such relief! This after pooping in his pants TWICE yesterday!

Honestly though, I am not done. Just like Blue-Raspberry knows how to read, I am still teaching him to read, new words, new sounds. In new environments and in new situations, I can't let my gaurd down, Laffy is not completely independent yet, but we are well on our way, having gotten through day 6 & 7. There may still be accidents, but the mind connection has been made, the baby is no longer, the little boy has arrived. Ahhhh...that pretty much sums it up!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Hmmmmm...the makings of a new book? I think so! You should write a book - you have so much to offer....

  2. Okay... I WILL keep with it... I WILL not stop my vigilance!

  3. Mommywise,
    You can do it!! You were meant to do it!! Don't give up! I'm rooting for you!!
    Hugs from another Mommy! :o)

  4. We are in the middle of toilet training with my 2 ( almost 3 ) year old. We are using lollies as motivation too. LOL. She hasn't gotten tired of them yet though - so that is good.


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